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Scientific Director and Pharmacist Jerry Hickey

“I spend a great deal of effort piecing together the information for a credible-beneficial radio program and perform many of the same duties when creating a product. Back in the 1970s when I attended Saint John’s University School of Pharmacy, I was learning all about chemotherapy. I was also learning how damaging the drugs used to treat these diseases could be and how devastating cancers and other diseases were. It began to occur to me that perhaps there was a way of avoiding the disease process or at least stacking the odds against developing many of today’s more common diseases. One sure fire way of helping was good nutrition and the emerging studies on gene vs. environment support the career path I have chosen. The reason so many different plant ingredients are so healthy is not simply because they lack cholesterol or because they are rich in antioxidants; these being good enough qualities on there own to justify consumption, but because they contain phytochemicals that positively impact good health by managing the activity of your genes. I have dedicated my entire life to collating and disseminating this information and to designing products to support the effort.”

Danielle Menke

Danielle Menke is the nutritional blogger, content writer and editor, and Marketing Coordinator at InVite® Health. Prior to her current position, she held the role of Public Relations Director and Radio Personality on Old Westbury Web Radio (OWWR) at the State University of New York at Old Westbury. A double major with a B.A. in Media & Communications and American Studies (with concentrations in Journalism and American History, respectively), Danielle also has writing experience in various styles, with published work in The Catalyst Newspaper, the college newspaper of her alma matter, and on the popular online website, Elite Daily, the self-proclaimed “Voice of Generation-Y”. As the Marketing and Development Assistant at Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens, Danielle used her abilities as a natural networker to gain true insight into the media world. Danielle is not only an avid writer, but also an accomplished athlete with nearly a decade of experience as a basketball player and as a soccer goalie. Danielle is excited to share her knowledge and experience in her latest venture at InVite® Health!