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Feeling Stressed? 4 Easy Ways to Chill Out This Summer

Feeling Stressed? 4 Easy Ways to Chill Out This Summer
Photo by Ishan Seefromthesky on Unsplash

School may be out but work can be just as stressful. According to a recent study, high-pressured work environment can lead to common mental health issues like >anxiety and depression, which can also impact your life outside of work. The good news is that there are a few ways you can chill out this summer and de-stress!

Take a Digital Detox

If you’re like us, you are on your phone or a computer almost every minute of the day. FOMO is seriously real, and you have to stay up-to-date on all of the information that’s circling the internet – from the latest celebrity drama to the photos posted of your girls night last weekend. But did you know that constantly being on your phone has an negative effect on us?

Here are the benefits of a digital detox, according study performed by neuroscientists in 2015 –

  1. Better Posture. Stay goodbye to “text neck”!
  2. More Interesting and Engaging Conversations. You’ll stop looking to Google for the answers, and start engaging with people and the world around you to find it.
  3. Improved Memory. You’ll be able to notice things you didn’t before, without the digital distractions.
  4. Better Sleep. Did you know that the blue light from your phone can suppress melatonin (the hormones that regulates your sleep and wake cycles)?
  5. New Perspectives. The lack of distraction helps people think more clearly and make better decisions for themselves.

Call your Bestie

A study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that hearing a friend’s voice can actually lower your stress levels. Friends can also make you laugh, which has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress and even boost your immune system (Alternative therapies in health and medicine).

A Little Self Care Never Hurt Anyone

When was the last time you took a day for yourself in order to release some stress? Sometimes, just taking a day off or doing something as simple as a giving yourself a manicure can be what you need to get back on track!


According to the American Psychological Association, studies show that exercise can relieve stress, reduce depression and improve cognitive function, yet only 17% of adults report exercising daily. It’s time to get moving and say goodbye to stress!

What are some other ways you get rid of stress? Leave us a comment below to join the conversation!


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