What You Need To Know About The Benefits of CBD – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 297

What You Need To Know About The Benefits of CBD – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 297


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Today’s episode deals with CBD. People need more clarification on CBD. They have many questions. For instance, is it better to take cannabidiol with food? How much do you actually need? Is it related to marijuana? Is it safe? What is it good for? We’re going to answer these questions and many more on today’s episode.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. It’s a natural compound found in the hemp plant. There’s evidence that it can help treat pain, even arthritic pain and certainly muscle pain and back pain. There is also evidence that it is very good for the skin when you rub it on and it’s helpful for stress and anxiety. In this episode, we are referring to much lower potencies of cannabidiol than others that might be medically prescribed for other reasons.

There is a difference between hemp and marijuana. Marijuana contains two main ingredients: THC, which gets you high, and cannabidiol, which does not get you high but has medicinal uses. Years ago, they found out that you could separate the ingredients and grow the plants separately. This would separate into the marijuana plant, which is used recreationally, and the hemp plant, which has the cannabidiol.    

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How do you take CBD?

You should take CBD with food. You’ll absorb it a lot better if you take it with food. You only need 20mg or up to 50mg to help you with pain, stress or anxiety.  Taking CBD does not make you high. Because they figured out how to separate the marijuana plant from the hemp plant, we are able to use cannabidiol for things such as back pain without the ability to get high. CBD is not addictive, whereas marijuana can be. CBD is also legal in 47 states. Only Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska ban it.*

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The Benefits

Many people ask if CBD can help with pain. Researchers are doing a great deal of studies at this point about CBD and pain. They have found out that CBD can be helpful with arthritic pain, such as an arthritic knee. In fact, there’s research now showing that in people with HIV, cannabidiol helps relieve their nerve pain, so they’re starting to look at other indications for CBD with nerve pain such as sciatica, the nerve pain that usually comes out of your spine. There’s also evidence that CBD might help muscle spasms linked to multiple sclerosis (MS).* 

I use cannabidiol in the form of creams, ointments and salves frequently in people with back pain, muscle pain and arthritic pain. It has been very helpful for them.*  

Early studies show that CBD helps with inflammation, especially if it’s related to muscle pain or arthritis. They’re also researching it for inflammation in MS, diabetics and Alzheimer’s patients. Cannabidiol is also good for your skin. A number of dermatologists are using CBD as a skin cream, ointment or salve. They’ve found out that it’s helpful with acne. It seems to help with the inflammation that leads to breakouts, but also with inflamed skin, rashes and dry skin. It helps protect skin cells from damage.*    

CBD can also help with stress and anxiety. It’s very interesting. When cannabidiol is helping with pain in the body and below the neck, it goes to CB2 receptor sites, but when it’s helping with stress and anxiety, it’s going to CB1 receptor sites in the brain. What the researchers see happening is that the CBD seems to release a neurochemical in the brain called anandamide, which kind of breaks up stress and anxiety. Somehow that also relieves pain, but it really does help with stress and anxiety.*

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Learn more about potential uses of cannabidiol by listening to the full podcast episode.

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