About Us


Your health is an evolution, a constantly changing yet major aspect of your life. It inspires you to work harder to reach your fitness goals, think smarter in the kitchen, and evaluate which products work best for you. Sometimes, a healthy mind and body can seem out of reach along the countless rows of health products that adorn each aisle, each claiming to work the hardest and have the smartest science behind it. But where do you go when you need help with what works best for you?

Twenty years ago, InVite® Health set out to revolutionize the way that integrative medicine was being formulated, sold and used. The goal?

One Formula. One Brand. One Choice.

Old World Quality with New Age Technology

For twenty years, InVite® Health has been upheld by a foundation of superior-quality products, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and the most cutting-edge technologies used in the health and wellness industry today. What sets InVite® apart is simplicity – taking the guesswork out of the selection process – with products formulated to your specific health needs that follow strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and non-GMO standards. Yet our brand is about much more than our products. We are proud to offer an educational, progressive twist that the industry has never seen.

InVite® Health Radio and Podcast provides listeners in search of nutritional guidance with health news and information that may typically be difficult to understand, at the turn of a knob or the click of a button. Led by a team of healthcare professionals – Pharmacists, Naturopathic Doctors, Certified Nutritionists, Dieticians – InVite® Health provides superior guidance and education with free nutritional consultations every day.

InVite® Health has evolved into a media hub, with numerous digital channels available to provide you with the latest and most important health and nutrition content available, through the power of social media, this InVite® Health Blog, Informational Videos, our Live Chat web feature, and much more. To view our resources, visit www.invitehealth.com.

The Luxury Brand of Vitamins

InVite® Health’s mission is to help you integrate vitamins into your life, because the world (like your health) is ever evolving. We are your voice. The student who needs to focus in class after a long night studying. The parents who need an energy boost to make it through the work day. The senior who wants to run but their joints tell them to keep it at a slow, steady pace. We’re here to celebrate everyone’s vision of wellness, making it real and attainable, no matter the goal.