With flu season upon us, Senior Scientific Officer Jerry Hickey, Ph. revisits the topic of green tea's benefits for our
Gabapentin is a drug that is commonly prescribed for nerve pain, but this medication may cause you to lose important
In this episode of the InVite Health Podcast, Amanda Williams, MPH concludes her series on the workings of the immune
immune system
You've likely heard of autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but do you know how these occur?
immune system
As we age, our bodies experience something called immunosenescence, in which the immune system begins to function less efficiently. This
immune system
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, immunity has been on everyone's mind. But how much do you know about
chronic fatigue syndrome
If you're dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, there are nutrients that may help boost your energy levels. Learn more about
27% of Americans who go to the doctor make appointments because they are feeling fatigued. But there's a difference between
Cholesterol can be misunderstood. Many people think it's bad for you, but your body also needs good cholesterol in order
If you've ever experienced sprains or strains in your back, ankle or elsewhere, you know how uncomfortable they can be.
Millions of Americans are on the drug levothyroxine (also known as Synthroid) to help support their thyroid, but did you
You've probably heard about omega-3 fatty acids and their benefits for a healthy heart and fending off inflammation, but have
nonprescription drugs
In this episode of the InVite Health Podcast, Jerry Hickey, Ph. discusses additional nonprescription drugs that can deplete important nutrients
Many of us reach for nonprescription drugs like antacids and Tylenol to help with issues such as indigestion, fever or
Metformin is often the first treatment option given to type 2 diabetics. While it has many advantages, this prescription medication
immune health
Our Cognition Hx formulation is filled with nutrients that have been shown to support memory and the brain, but these
Resveratrol is commonly known for its anti-aging properties, but this nutrient actually packs a punch for the health of your
Vitamin C
You've probably heard that Vitamin C is essential for proper immune system function, but did you know that it is
start your day
Do you usually start your day with coffee or tea? These drinks are naturally packed with powerful nutrients, but when
B-Vitamins are commonly known for their ability to support energy levels, but B-complex vitamins are actually vital for your overall
Have you heard of the enzyme serrapeptase? This powerful nutrient is important for helping to target inflammation in the body.
Everyone deals with stressors on some level, but if you deal with chronic stress, this can have serious impacts on
If you're experiencing pain or cramps in your legs, there's a chance you are having issues with circulation to your
steroid drugs
Did you know that steroid drugs can lower your levels of important nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and