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Could an infection cause Alzheimer’s disease? There’s been evolving science indicating that infectious organisms may cause this disease.
Collagen is an important protein for our entire body. Without adequate levels, everything from our skin to our bones will
Mushrooms supply powerful antioxidants that support a healthy immune system, while also helping to fight off oxidative stress.
tart cherry
Cherries are a very healthy food choice. Above all other cherries, when it comes to proven health benefits, is the
Red Yeast Rice has been used in Asia for centuries. Now, it is being used as a powerful cholesterol health
Vegan diets are becoming popular. But, eliminating all animal products from your diet does increase your risk of nutritional deficiencies.
Here's what to do to avoid dehydration during the winter months and to ensure you're getting the proper nutrients and
Joint discomfort can be extremely painful and may feel like just another ailment you have to experience as you age.
There’s evidence that Phosphatidylserine, along with vegetable and fish oils, improves the brain function of those with ADD and ADHD.