How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Weekend

How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Weekend

Enjoying the holiday weekend does not have to mean destroying your diet or regular healthy lifestyle. Though, the temptation is definitely there. From burgers to hot dogs to cakes and pies, it may be hard to reign yourself in and eat healthy. But what if it didn’t have to be so hard? Here are some tips to stay healthy while enjoying this holiday weekend.

Smaller plate = smaller portions

If you find yourself reaching for the biggest plate to fill with heavy, fatty foods, simply grab a smaller plate. Numerous studies have shown that people who choose smaller plates, eat less. Filling up a small plate (from the kids table or a small dessert plate) will trick yourself into thinking you’re eating heaps of food when the amount on your plate is actually half the amount of food than on a larger plate.


Ready to Mingle?

Don’t stuff your face as soon as you arrive at a BBQ! Eating too fast will most likely cause a stomach ache and an uncomfortable night. The slower you eat, the less calories you will actually consume. Pace yourself by filling a small plate with light foods and mingling with other BBQ-goers.

To Skip or Not to Skip

One of the hardest parts of staying healthy at a BBQ is having the willpower to not eat every single thing. But the main thing you should skip – carbs! Carbs like chips, crackers and bread have tons of calories and are sure to leave you satisfied for only a very short amount of time, which means you’ll be reaching for another helping very quickly. Spare yourself the stomach rumbling and stay away from carbs!

Cake, pastries, cookies and pies are sure to be the MVP of the BBQ. But choosing those desserts can mean consuming literally hundreds of calories at a time. This does not mean you have to skip the dessert section completely, however. Limit the amount of these sugary desserts by keeping track of your portions. Do not reach for that one piece of cake that can literally feed a family of four. Instead, grab something small and continue mingling.

And finally, what do many say a BBQ must no go without? You guessed it – alcohol. The key to drinking without leaving your healthy lifestyle behind is to simply make smart choices. If you are going to drink alcohol at a BBQ, opt for a glass of wine or a beer, not 10. One sugary drink could have as much as 800 calories in a single glass! Be sure to drink plenty of water in between your drinks and pace yourself!


Have a safe and healthy holiday!

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