Nutrients For Respiratory Support – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 485


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Nutrients for Respiratory Support – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 485

Hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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Amanda Williams, MPH:

When it comes to supporting our immune system, now is an incredibly important time to make sure we are doing everything in our power to boost up our immune defenses.†

I’m Amanda Williams, MD, MPH and today I want to talk about immune system support, seasonal allergies, cold and flu season and understanding that we’re in the midst of all of this. And there is a really wonderful formulation that we have called Respiratory HxⓇ that really helps to maintain a proper functioning respiratory system. When we think about the different seasonal changes that can trigger our immune defenses and our respiratory system in particular, then it would be advantageous to make sure that we are taking in nutrients that can certainly optimize our respiratory system.†

So within the Respiratory HxⓇ, we have Vitamin C, mangosteen fruit extract, quercetin, as well as nettle root. And we all know the overwhelming benefits when it comes to Vitamin C in terms of its antioxidant powers and its immune support properties. When you look at the science behind Vitamin C, you don’t have to search too hard to really understand the full scope of why Vitamin C is just so important when it comes to our immune system.†


But I want to focus in on some of the other key nutrients within the Respiratory HxⓇ formulation, including mangosteen, which is really very unique. Mangosteen has been coined the queen of fruits or also called the food of the gods. We know that we can date all the way back to the 1600s and see how mangosteen has been utilized in terms of its many health properties. Now, one of the reasons why mangosteen is considered to be this power nutrient is because it is so rich in terms of its energy coming from the fiber, the carbohydrates, the water content of mangosteen. But then we look at the full spectrum, when we’re thinking about the extracted form, we’re looking at the minerals and the vitamins that are contained within this. So, when you’re taking mangosteen extract, as opposed to just eating mangosteen fruit, where in the fruit you’re going to get the fiber, the carbohydrates, the protein, the energy… when we’re using the extract, this is when we can zero in on the Vitamin C that’s contained in it, the B6, the B12, the Vitamin A, zinc. So you see all of the different nutrients that are incredibly supportive when it comes to our immune defenses and mangosteen is rich in all of these different nutrients, these vitamins and the minerals. This is what helps to boost up our immune defenses.†

So when you start to look at the science behind this, this is where it starts to get really interesting. The Department of Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biology over in Japan, they were looking at how the mangosteen itself actually was inhibiting histamine release.†

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