The Nutrients Your Hair is Craving for Healthy, Strong Locks

The Nutrients Your Hair is Craving for Healthy, Strong Locks
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Your hair takes a beating throughout the seasons. Whether you color it, are constantly using high-heat like blow dryers, curlers and straighteners, or using numerous products to get the desired style, your hair is crying out for some attention! Even if you don’t use any products or tools, the dry, cold winter season can also leave your hair feeling brittle and looking dull. But there’s still hope! There are some nutrients that pack a serious punch, providing you with the strong, shiny hair you’ve been searching for.

Here are the top nutrients for healthy hair & some healthy tips on how to include them into your diet


Our hair is made of out of a protein called keratin. It is the building block of strong, healthy hair. When you aren’t consuming enough protein, your hair may become brittle, weak or dry.

Tip:  You can find protein in food sources like fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and beans. Need more protein? Collagen is used to form your skin, hair and nails. After age 25, the amount of collagen in your body starts to decline! You’ll want to take a high-quality, non-GMO collagen supplement – either in powder or tablet form – to be sure you have enough in your diet.†


Biotin is one of the most commonly used supplements for hair and skin care, as numerous studies have shown a direct link between the vitamin and hair growth and stimulation.

Tip: You can get biotin in food sources like egg yolk, oats, mushrooms, spinach and milk. But a biotin supplement not only provides nutrients for hair health, but also for energy.

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Iron is a crucial mineral for healthy hair. Studies have shown that being deficient in it is a major cause of hair loss! A deficiency in iron does not allow oxygen and other important nutrients to be carried from our blood into our hair follicles and roots.

Tip: You can find Iron in green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, meat and fish. If you need more iron, you may want to turn to supplementation of a high-quality, non- GMO supplement, that can provide you with the essentials to power the proteins and enzymes in your body. Folic acid and Vitamin B-12, as added ingredients in a iron formula, can also help to support energy production.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important vitamin that helps other minerals and nutrients work efficiently throughout your body, like Iron and Collagen.

Tip: You can find this vitamin in oranges (of course!), blueberries, kale, strawberries and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C supplementation, in the form of Ascorbic Acid, has been shown to further benefit the heart and immune system.


Silicia is required to produce collagen, which again directly benefits healthy hair follicles and shafts. It also helps to prevent thinning by helping the body absorb other vitamins and minerals.

Tip: You can find silica in whole grains, apples, almonds, oats and seeds. Supplementation with a non-GMO silicia supplement has also been shown to protect your skin and nails and help build and maintain healthy bones.


Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body on a daily basis for proper immune system function and other vital body functions. For the hair, zinc helps to balance the production of oil in the glands at the base of follicles. Balanced oil levels keeps your hair well-conditioned, without being overly saturated (and can help you with your dry-shampoo habit!). A lack of zinc could lead to hair loss or a flaky scalp.

Tip: You can find it in seeds, nuts, lentils and oysters. Zinc Picolinate, the most highly-absorbable form of zinc in a supplement form, can also help you to boost immunity and cellular metabolism.

Questions about hair health? Leave a comment below to speak with a certified nutritionist and other healthcare professional.


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  • Very helpful article for all the girls as hair fall is the common problems faced by all the girls these day so with the help of your post all can get an idea to maintain the beauty of their hair. I would like to share it with my friends too. Keep sharing such beauty tips.

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