Health Spotlight: Preventing Bad Breath the Natural Way

Health Spotlight: Preventing Bad Breath the Natural Way

Bad breath is a common and unappealing health problem. It’s something that our bodies produce naturally, but there are ways to keep foul odors at bay and kill bacteria in its early stages before it turns into bad breath!

Your mouth’s warm, moist conditions are ideal for the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Most bad breath is caused by normal occurrences in the mouth. One common example of normal bad breath is in the morning. We all know what “morning breath” is – that unpleasant feeling in your mouth that gives off anything but a pleasant scent! There is a reason for morning breath, though. This happens as a result of the normal changes in your mouth that happen while you sleep. During the day, saliva washes away decaying food and odors. At night, the body creates less saliva. Your mouth becomes dry, and dead cells stick to your tongue and to the inside of your cheeks. When bacteria use these cells for food, they produce a foul odor.

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Bad breath can also be caused by

  • Poor dental hygiene – Infrequent or improper brushing and flossing allows bits of food that remain stuck between the teeth to decay inside the mouth. Poor oral hygiene eventually will lead to periodontal (gum) disease, which also can cause bad breath as well as tooth loss.
  • Chronic IllnessesDiabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, lung disease, sinus disease, reflux disease and other diseases may cause bad breath.
  • External source – Garlic, onions, coffee, cigarette smoking, chewing tobacco. Smoking and drinking coffee, tea and/or red wine will contribute to foul odors as well as discolored teeth.
  • MedicationsSome prescription medications cause chronic dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath. Learn what drugs induce certain nutrient deletions by clicking here!

Here are some tips to keep your breath fresh and odor-free:

  • Brush your teeth and floss frequently
  • Visit the dentist regularly (at least twice a year) for an exam and cleaning
  • When brushing your teeth, brush your tongue as well
  • If you wear dentures, remove and soak them overnight
  • If you take any medications that cause dry mouth, be sure to hydrate enough to avoid foul odors from forming. Learn what drugs induce certain nutrient deletions by clicking here!

Natural Support for A Healthy Mouth

According to Amanda Williams, MPH, the cleaner we keep our mouths, the less likely we have opportunistic infections that create gum disease and tooth decay, and even worse than that, systemic infections that can cause numerous health problems. Besides regular dental cleanings with your dental provider, we can also take control of our daily oral health with two natural nutrients – White tea and Coenzyme Q10.

White tea is a great natural source of fluoride, which makes it possible for remineralization of dentin. White tea contains tannins, flavonoids, and fluoride to support a healthy oral environment. The tannins play a role in lessening the impact of high starch foods on our teeth, which can lead to cavities. The flavonoids, especially catechins, are beneficial to targeting plaque buildup and scavenges the free radicals in our mouth.

When it comes to periodontal disease, an overabundance of anaerobic bacteria can lead to inflammation and tissue destruction. High levels of CoQ10 can be regarded as a potent free-radical scavenger in the mouth and can provide significant protection from the destructive damage from toxins caused by bacteria.

Next time you go in for your next dental cleaning, give them something more to talk about besides the weather. Get your mouth happy and healthy with CoQ10 and White Tea Extract. You’ll have even more to smile about!

What do you do to freshen your breath? Share you fresh breath tips with us today!


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