Ask Rick Longenecker: Spotlight on InVite® Health Multivitamins

Ask Rick Longenecker: Spotlight on InVite® Health Multivitamins

Written by Rick Longenecker

Why take a multivitamin?

The reasons for taking a multi are myriad. It fills in the gaps that even the best diets don’t cover. It makes it easier for the body to process foods and other supplements. The B vitamins help convert food to energy, and fight stress. The biggest objection I face is the comment that, “I eat right and exercise, so why do I need a multi?” My response is to ask a few quick questions which always expose the flaw in their thinking that they eat right, and the mere act of exercise places demands for extra nutrients that food alone won’t fill.

What should I look for in searching for a good multi?

In short, depth, breadth and bioavailability. Does it have a broad spectrum of nutrients and does it have enough to be meaningful and does it digest and absorb well. There’s a saying, “You’re not what you eat, you’re only what you can digest, absorb and use.” Good vitamins are easily broken down by the digestive enzymes.

What are the benefits?

More consistent energy, better immune health, more stable blood sugar. You don’t feel quite as exhausted at the end of a tough day/week, you catch fewer colds and the ones you do catch are less severe and your sweet/starch cravings are lessened. The challenge I throw down is to examine your energy if you run out of your multi for a week. If there is a noticeable drop in energy that’s a pretty good sign that you have a good quality multi.

Do children need a multi and is there a specific age to start?

Kids are people, too. Shortly after they’re done nursing. Two and up. Adults who supplement are healthier than those who don’t. This applies to kids, too.  

How long should I take a multi and do I need to take it for the rest of my life?

Taken with a meal, your multi becomes a part of that meal. It’s a completer. The food supply is not getting better. The environmental toxic load we’re exposed to isn’t going away. This is some of the most economical health insurance you can buy.

 If I’m on prescription drugs, should I be taking a multi?

The list of nutrients depleted by the many commonly prescribed drugs today is extensive. You’re not going to replenish them with food alone. A multi is the best way to offset this.

What should a multi be taken with?

Take it with your biggest meal of the day. As far as what other supplements to take it with, if every adult took a multi, fish oils, extra vitamin D and Ubiquinol, the healthcare crisis we face as a nation would be drastically reduced.

Do you take a multivitamin each day? What are some of the benefits you’ve seen?


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