A Superior Cartilage Nutrient for Joint Comfort – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 38

A Superior Cartilage Nutrient for Joint Comfort – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 38

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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Many years ago, I heard about a superior joint nutrient that worked very well for joint discomfort, especially in the knee; what struck me is that you only had to take one small capsule in the morning. Even the drug Celebrex, a multi-billion dollar drug, is taken more than once a day.

Turns out, it’s absolutely true! Human clinical trials prove that if you take one little capsule of this clinically researched Type II Cartilage supplement (as long there were still joint tissue in your knee and not bone-on-bone), it really helps.

How does it work?

The Type II Cartilage supplement seemed to pull the immune system away from the joint. Because of this, it reduced pain, stiffness and preserved the knee health for the future.

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By pulling the immune system away, you are preventing loss of joint cartilage. The FDA has recognized this as safe, or GRAS. This is a supplement that is made and sourced from the United States, even the capsule. You take this once a day and it is easy to swallow.

How it helped me

I know this works because it really helped me. My wife and I were living in Manhattan at the time and I noticed I was starting to have some issues with my left knee. On the weekends, my wife and I always walked around the city. But after walking three to five miles a day, my knee was really starting to bother me and I’d wind up taking a taxi back home.

Now in the suburbs, I have a two-story house and it’s even worse. At the same time, I started taking UC-II, which is a standardized cartilage. I also went to see my doctor, who told me I had arthritis. I started taking the cartilage supplement and the first week, I did not have pain. By the second week, I was in the gym just lifting weight and was comfortable, but I still did not work out my legs. By the third and fourth week, I forgot about the pain and was able to move the way I needed to. It was unbelievable!

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Clinical Studies on UC-II™

Dr. Alan Pressman originally told me about this important ingredient for joint health – UC-II. It is standardized cartilage, which supplies undenatured collagen.

Several studies from Harvard Medical School demonstrate that this ingredient has a significant impact on those with arthritis. In sixty patients with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, researchers reported a decrease in the swelling of the joints in those who took the UC-II™ supplement, but the same result was not shown on those on placebo. This was a gold-standard human clinical trial. They also found that some of the patients were going into remission.

Many medications reduce pain, but do not help prevent cartilage loss.
– Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis) is also called the wear-and-tear arthritis that is common in those who are overweight, or have had injuries to the knee itself. The slippery tissue (cartilage) is broken down and your bones are starting to rub together. This leads to pain and swelling and can lead to knee replacement surgery. There are a number of studies that UC-II™ that link these. One study published in the International Journal of Medical Science studied the link between Osteoarthritis and the benefit of UC-II™. A three month study showed a significant improvement in joint health, stiffness, and physical function (help rising from a seated position) in the patients.

A separate and recent study from the Journal of Integrative Medicine studied men and women between the ages of 40 and 70 with chronic pain in a number of joints. At the start of the study, researchers recorded the amount of pain in patients in week two, week four and week eight. The study concluded that every participant showed improved pain within the first two weeks on UC-II™. Participants also did not need to take medication frequently when on that supplement. That’s good news – too much of the medication can cause side effects.

Other Key Topics

  • UC-II™ studied in animals, like horses and dogs


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