The 4 Tips You Need to Get Your Morning Workout Started

The 4 Tips You Need to Get Your Morning Workout Started
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Working out is really tough on its own, but if you’re also trying to do it first thing in the morning like before work or class, it could be even more difficult for you. You idolize those people who get up to run miles before the sun rises. But what if you could be one of those people who actually like working out in the morning? Here’s what you need to do to get started.

Get Excited for your Workout

A new pair of shoes or new workout gear, like a funky exercise bra or breathable top, may be what you need to get excited about your workout. You may also want to invite a friend, as motivation from someone else may be the driving factor that gets you out of bed in the morning. Lace up your new sneakers, grab your fitness buddy, and head outside or to the gym! You should be excited about your workout as just think about what your end results will look like.

Get Up When your Alarm Tells You

If you’re one of those people that hit snooze multiple times to catch a few more minutes of rest, you’ll want to turn off the snooze option on your phone or alarm. As soon as your alarm goes off, physically get yourself up. You may also want to put your alarm or cell phone further away from you so that you will have no other choice but to get up and turn it off. Remind yourself that an extra 5 minutes of rest won’t do anything but make you late.

Remind Yourself of the Benefits of a Morning Workout

Do your research! Well, in this case, we’ve done it for you. Numerous studies have shown that morning workouts have great benefits for your body, mood and mind. Researchers from Brigham Young University found that exercising in the morning can actually make food seem less appealing throughout the rest of the day. They also found in the same study that people who work out in the morning end up being more active in general for the rest of the day.

In a study out of Appalachian State University, researchers found that a 7am workout reduced participants blood pressure by 10%, a dip that continued all day and lowered even more (to 25%) at night, compared to participants who did their workout at 1pm and 7pm. The National Institute for Fitness & Sport found that when you wake up, testosterone levels are at their peak, making it an ideal time for strength-training workouts since your body is in prime muscle-building mode.

A study published in Health Psychology found that setting an early-morning alarm helps you be consistent, which means you’ll tap into benefits that include increased immunity, longevity and a better mood, that go along with regular exercise. The National Sleep Foundation also reports, that while evening workouts can boost the body’s temperature and stimulate the body, which can make falling asleep more difficult, working out in the morning leads to deeper, longer, and higher-quality sleep.

Plan Your Morning Workouts

Nothing is worse than actually waking up the next morning, excited for your workout only to see that there is a thunder storm outside. Plan everything the night before! Check the weather, lay out your workout attire, grab your headphones and Fitbit™, and set your alarm. Check with your gym for any workout classes they have, like a boot camp class or boxing class. The thought of missing a class and disappointing your instructor or classmates might give you more motivation to make it to the class and give it all you’ve got.

Before you even think about heading outside in the morning or to the gym, you have to make sure you are feeding your body with the fuel it needs to keep moving. Ditch the high carbs and grab your protein! Research shows that eating protein in the morning has multiple benefits. According to Patricia Pimentel Selassie, ND, CNS, protein in the morning helps our bodies build and repair muscle tissue more effectively throughout the day. “It can also slow carbohydrate cravings later in the day by affecting hormone and brain signaling that controls food regulation, leaving a more satiated and nutritionally nourished individual.”

Before grabbing a piece of toast and heading out the door, consider making a protein shake for breakfast! ” If you are really in a rush, place a scoop of one of the protein powders in a shaker bottle with some unsweetened chocolate almond milk and fly out the door knowing you will be maintaining your muscle and using your fat as fuel, all while feeling like a champion – more satiated, focused, and even-tempered – throughout your day.”

What are your morning workout tips? Share them with us in the comment below!


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