Young Adults at Risk of Hearing Loss Due to Loud Music

Young Adults at Risk of Hearing Loss Due to Loud Music
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The current generation is the first to have access to excessively loud music. Sound is the basis of every major headphone company out there – whoever can deliver the loudest, sharpest sound is likely favored by teens and young adults. When the goal of listening to music is the listen to it as loud as possible, it’s no surprise that our hearing is likely to suffer down the road.

Loud music, sporting events, bars and clubs all contribute to hearing loss and damage. Hearing loss is no longer exclusive to older people – younger people are coming in with hearing damage at an alarmingly early age.

In a new study, a group of 12- to 35-year-olds from all areas of the world were analyzed for their hearing capacity. Of the group, more than 50% listened to unsafe sound levels on personal audio devices, and about 40% were exposed to damaging levels of music and noise at entertainment venues.

Tinnitus, a hearing condition that causes incessant ringing in the ears, is usually the result of and overexposure to loud music. Studies show that the level of damage you can cause to your ears is directly correlated to how long you listen to music and how loud the sound is. According to the UN Health Agency Worldwide, 360 million people already suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss, with many wearing hearing aids so they can carry on with their lives as normal.

Here are some safe steps you can take to minimize the chances of hearing damage:

– Lower the volume – keep it below 60%.
– Download a smartphone app to help monitor safe listening levels. Some apps will give you a warning when you turn the volume too loud.
– Take “listening breaks” or only listen at high volume for an hour a day.
– Wear noise cancelling earbuds or headphones.



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