The Importance of Bone Health Nutrients

The Importance of Bone Health Nutrients

Written by Luke Kornblatt

Did you know that your bones are very much alive? They are! You may think of them as hard substances but they are constantly growing and changing. This means that if you nourish your bones correctly, you can keep them healthy throughout your entire lifetime.

What proteins and minerals make up our bones?

According to former Director of Nutrition for InVite® Health, Nicole Crane, BS, NTP, “We essentially have two types of bones – 75% makes up the hard exterior and protects bone from trauma and 25% of softer tissue on the inside of the bone allows bones to withstand pressure without breaking.” Our bones are made of a protein-mineral matrix, which includes calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and much more. It is collagen that allows us to twist our bodies and sustain falls without experience fractures.

The Importance of Bone Density

One important health factor that we commonly overlook is bone density. Because it is not something that comes up often in our daily routine, we tend not to think about it’s importance, when in reality bone density can be vital to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our bones are constantly being broken down and build back up, so the body can remove old, frail bone cells and replace them with new strong ones. This is a normal process. Bone density will naturally decrease and can also be affected by diseases like osteoporosis. Other major factors that can contribute to what breaks down our bones include, smoking, a diet based in processed foods, caffeine and alcohol consumption, certain medications like corticosteroids, and stress.

How to Counteract Bone Breakdown

There are a few nutrients that can help to counteract bone breakdown. According to Nicole Crane, nutrition is where it all starts but using supplements can also support healthy bones.

Bone powder supplements are formulated to support and maintain normal bone density with a powerful blend of ingredients, including absorbable Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Silica and Boron. The ingredients work together to assimilate the calcium into the body and deposit it into your bones, while keeping it out of the circulatory system and blood vessels where it is not required. This bone powder supplement includes an absorbable form of elemental calcium that is derived from calcium citrate. The powder format makes it easy-to-swallow and digest while supplying your body with the recommended serving size in one convenient sitting.

Questions about which nutrients can further support the health of your bones? Leave a comment below to join the conversation!


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