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Is It Important to Detox Before Starting A New Diet?

Is It Important to Detox Before Starting A New Diet?
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There are so many reasons why revamping your diet is important. A healthier diet can help you lose weight, give you the energy boost you’ve been looking for, help you sleep better, and even give you clearer, healthier looking skin. But will a detox provide you with better results of your diet in the long run?

Detoxing doesn’t have to mean taking shots of wheatgrass in the morning. Think of detoxing as how your body gets rid of excess waste. When the waste in your body builds up, it becomes dangerous, especially for digestion and your energy levels. These toxins are all around us; they come from pesticides on your food, pollutants in the air, genetically modified ingredients, processed foods and heavy metals. But don’t get scared! Our bodies are equipped to naturally handle these toxins through the liver and kidneys. But, if you are constantly skipping healthy meals and nutrients or not properly hydrating yourself, your body’s natural detoxification system can be thrown off.

Start with the Basics

Detoxing shouldn’t involve following an all-liquid diet or skipping meals. Start with the basics! Figure out what toxic things you are putting into your body. More often than not, the answer to that is SUGAR! There are tons of sugar in the foods and drinks we consume, like sodas, energy drinks, and breakfast cereals. Sugar has been shown in countless studies to contribute to weight gain and poor oral health, to name a few. Eliminate those foods and drinks from your diet and you are one step ahead of the detox game!

You should also remove processed foods from your diet. Stick to whole foods like fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. Remember to keep your portions small and eat slow! Big meals makes your digestive system work in overtime. Drinking more water will help your kidneys to flush out those toxins and keep your digestion running smoothly, as well. Getting a good nights sleep has been shown to help reduce stress and inflammation.

And, while most people don’t associate exercise with detoxing, it’s really important. Exercise helps us get our blood moving and our heart pumping. So get moving!

Have you tried detoxing before? Leave us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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