Feed the Superstructure of your Bones with Powdered Collagen

Feed the Superstructure of your Bones with Powdered Collagen
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Are you paying attention to your bones lately? Collagen powder is one of my favorite proteins. I usually add a scoop or two in my yogurt and shakes. Here, Jerry Hickey makes us aware of how important collagen is for our bones and the rest of our body. This powerful supplement has many amazing benefits that not only make us strong but more beautiful!

By Jerry Hickey R.Ph

Collagen is a structural protein that makes your body. Collagen creates the underlying support system under your visible skin and sixty-percent of your skin is made out of sheets of collagen. Collagen is needed for joint health and two-thirds of the cartilage in your joint is made out of collagen. Collagen is needed for the creation and upkeep of your hair, nails, spinal vertebrae and discs, the organic part of your teeth, your ligaments (99% of your ligament is made out of type 1 and 3 collagen), tendons, and many other organs and tissues.

Unfortunately you start losing the ability to make sufficient collagen at a young age. At the age of 27 it is estimated that collagen production starts to decrease at a rate of 1.5% per year so by the age of 45 you’re likely making 27% less collagen and by the time your 60 you’re making almost fifty-percent less collagen. It is harder and harder to convert the protein in chicken, fish and other foods into the collagen needed for your face, muscles, and joints.

Taking collagen is very important for bone health. Bone is also made out of collagen and if you’re making a lot less collagen as you progress through life your bones can suffer.  The superstructure for bone is called the organic matrix. This matrix is similar to the foundation a house sits on and the wooden framework that walls and roof are attached to. Ninety-percent of the organic matrix of your bone is directly made out of collagen; this is where calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients adhere, so they can crystallize into strong bone. Without collagen bones are fragile.

Research has shown that children fed collagen build stronger bone compared to those not supplemented with collagen. Another study showed that older women utilize collagen protein more efficiently than whey protein; a well known supplement for building body tissues. Older women who are being treated for osteoporosis with prescription medication who had collagen protein added to their diet built bone at a faster rate and to a greater degree than women treated with the drug only. The medication used in this study is arguably the strongest of all bone building drugs used to treat osteoporosis; parathyroid hormone injection. For collagen protein to improve on the effects of this drug is actually a fantastic finding; the bones became stronger and more fracture resistant. Case Western University reviewed the research on collagen supplementation and they determined it does help with joint comfort. They also concluded that given its importance for bone health it can be used along with other agents to help repair and strengthen bone.

If you add collagen protein to your diet it helps improve your skin and hair, your nails may resume growing, your bones will benefit and often your joints are more comfortable and less creaky. It has to be a collagen that is hydrolyzed. Collagen is a large molecule that is poorly absorbed; hydrolyzing means enzymes were added to break down the chemical bonds and make it a smaller size where it becomes easily and well absorbed. The successful bone and joint studies have all used hydrolyzed collagen.


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