Men’s Nutrition Spotlight: You Are What You Eat!

Men’s Nutrition Spotlight: You Are What You Eat!
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Last week I met with the team at our West Village location in Manhattan, which is primarily male. Since I was surround by all men, I was interested in finding out what foods they like to eat that help enhance their quality of life and if they were able to keep up with it. I managed to get some pretty interesting answers that created some laughs but was also quite helpful.

Rik Longenecker our health expert in the Village started off by saying, “the male body is like a car and every so often it needs a little routine maintenance. Most men tend to neglect their quality of life. The quality of the food they eat will do more than anything else to determine the quality of the life they lead.” Rik highlighted five specific foods that can benefit most men, keeping them fit and ready for the New Year challenge. So guys, here is the list that can get you off to a great start!

Meats: A grass fed steer makes a much healthier steak than a cereal fed steer. They’re much leaner and their fat is omega 3 which is a healthier fat. New Zealand lamb and bison are also much better meats. Grass fed meats that are high in carnitine, which helps the body make better use of testosterone.

Fish: Farm raised fish have much higher levels of PCB’s and dioxins. Eat wild fatty northern fish like wild salmon, sea bass and skipjack tuna. Oysters,which have an aphrodisiac cliché, are actually high in zinc and magnesium which are both important in testosterone production.

Eggs: Cholesterol is a key building block in the manufacture of our sex hormones. Free-range eggs in moderation, two four times per week can help tremendously. A true breakfast of champions would be an omelet with wild salmon and chopped garlic.

Vegetables: Three key vegetables are broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage. All three are rich in indole 3 carbinol which helps rid the body of rancid estrogens which are toxic. Allicin, the active in garlic enhances testosterone levels and inhibits cortisol which interferes with testosterone.

Nuts: Pistachios-There was a small study done in Turkey where the subjects were fed a small serving (100g) of pistachios daily for three weeks. The test subjects reported a significant improvement in erectile function. Almonds are rich in arginine, which is also important to erectile function. Walnuts and macadamias are rich in good fat and make great snacks, as well. 

Tell us what some of your favorite healthy foods are in the comments!


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