New Study: Resveratrol for the Adult Diabetic Brain

New Study: Resveratrol for the Adult Diabetic Brain
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By being small enough to penetrate almost any cell in the body, Resveratrol is able to activate many latent genes that aid in our survival and potentially extend the life of our cells. Additionally, Resveratrol utilizes a process called gene silencing that remarkably switches off genes involved in the initiation and progression of disease.

Quickly supports circulation, connectivity, and cognitive functions in the brains of adult diabetics

Inadequate blood flow inside the brains of diabetics (poor cerebral perfusion) contributes to cognitive impairment. In this randomized, controlled trial diabetic adults were administered various dosages of Resveratrol or a placebo once a week until they were administered every dosage. The researchers from Australia’s University of Newcastle School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy gave each patient 0mg (placebo), 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg Resveratrol in random order. Compared to placebo, 75mg significantly improved perfusion of the brain with blood, and consequently neurovascular coupling improved with increasing potencies of Resveratrol. It enhanced performance on a battery of cognitive function tests. Neurovascular coupling is the relationship of local brain activity and it’s improvement is seen with improved perfusion of blood. The study is published in the July 12th, 2016 issue of the journal Nutrients.

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