Nucleotides: The Immune System Tonic – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 13

Nucleotides: The Immune System Tonic – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 13

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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We’re in the middle of winter and people are concerned about the flu going around (and rightfully so). And then there is the coronavirus that came to us from China. Type A flu is typically a bird flu, which is commonly in the yearly immunization for the flu. So, scientists try to figure out which Type B flu will infect us. This is only found in humans and marine mammals, like seals. Rarely there is a Type C flu that is the swine flu that comes from pigs. So is there a tonic for the immune system? I believe so – Nucleotides.

What are Nucleotides?

Nucleotides have been around for quite some time. The first time I heard about them was years ago when we had a physician working with us at InVite® Health – he was a medical doctor involved with the Houston Space Center who saw a lot of astronauts as patients. He told me that when astronauts went into deep space, there was no ozone layer to protect them. This meant they were bombarded with radiation like gamma rays. They found that if they gave astronauts Nucleotides (research from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas and NASA), they were protected from radiation.

Nucleotides are found in abundance in breast milk – which is why baby formula today contains it, helping the baby develop a strong immune system, the growth of their organs. So when shopping for baby formula, make sure you have Nucleotides in there. Make sure there are fish oils, too!

Many times I recommend my clients to start taking them before they go into surgery or a stay at the hospital and for two weeks after, in the hopes that it will protect them and help boost their immune system to help get them better faster. I also recommend using Probiotics for superior protection, as well.

Clinical Studies

A combination of Arginine, Fish Oils and Nucleotides are the ingredients studied in numerous clinical trials. In one study performed by the Clinic for Anesthesiology in Germany, after severe trauma, adding this combination to food was shown to decrease infectious complications.

The University at Cincinnati College of Medicine (published in the Journal Critical Care Medicine) used a formula supplemented with arginine, fish oils and nucleotides throughout eight different hospital intensive care units of 326 patients. Here is what they found:

  • In patients who received the formula, the hospital length of stay was reduced by 8 days
  • Compared to patients not on immuno-nutrition, the patients were in the hospital for 8 days shorter
  • In patients with sepsis (blood poisoning),, the median length of hospital stay was reduced by 10 days

What is Nucleotide Complex?

Nucleotide complex is an immune system tonic that has clinical proof that it works. I’ve been recommending Nucleotides for immunity for decades. I do believe it works far better than the other tonics out there – it works a lot faster and it is a lot stronger for boosting the immune system.

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