Do You Have A Nutrient Deficiency? – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 201

Do You Have A Nutrient Deficiency? – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 201

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH.

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Foods matter. Nutrients matter. Vitamins matter. Minerals matter. All of these things matter, which is why, as a country, we do so poorly when it comes to looking at different biochemical indicators for our overall health. The CDC does a very comprehensive nutritional report looking at 58 different biochemical indicators in the US population to give scientists an idea as to the overall basic health of the nation. 

We already know this from a study that they did out of the University of North Carolina, where they were able to determine that only 12% of Americans are considered to be metabolically healthy. This is certainly an issue, when people don’t take their diet seriously, when people are not taking something as basic and simple as a multivitamin.†

Today, I want to talk about different nutritional deficiencies that are incredibly common throughout the United States. The deficiencies can lead to significant issues in our overall health, including our mental clarity and our energy status. We see that these deficiencies are very common in younger adults in the United States, which is really shameful, because they should be the ones that have the most energy, but because of poor dietary intake and the lack of taking something as simple as a multivitamin, we see a significant shift.†   

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We know that the percentage of Americans who are deficient in basic, essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, Vitamin C and iron is really quite astonishing. So what can we be doing about that? How can we get Americans onto that health train where we make sure that we are taking in foods that actually have some substance to them? We need to avoid these filler foods, these highly-processed foods, that are just loaded down with bad fats and sugars. We need to be eating whole foods, foods that are actually going to yield us natural sources of these vitamins and minerals. When you look at micronutrient inadequacies within the United States, it is alarming.† 

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We know that the lack of physical activity and not eating good foods create a direct causal effect to so many of the chronic disease states out there.    

For more information about the link between chronic disease and nutrient deficiencies, tune into the full podcast episode.

What can we do to improve nutrient deficiencies?

We have to think about just the basics. We know we need to have vitamins and minerals because they are required for so many different functions in the body, including detoxification and immunity. If we don’t have vitamins and minerals, there’s a simple fix for that. Just incorporate in a multivitamin, multimineral formulation. If you go to our website, you will find a whole slew of different options when it comes to vitamins and minerals. We have our Core multivitamin, which is very, very comprehensive. We have the Men’s Multi and the Women’s Multi. We have the Performance Multi. We have our Multi Energy Powder. There’s a lot of different ways for you to get these essential vitamins and minerals into your system.†

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