How SAMe Can Help With Joint Discomfort – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 156

How SAMe Can Help With Joint Discomfort – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 156

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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S-Adenomethionine, or SAMe, is a naturally-occurring compound found in nearly every tissue of the body. It is commonly used for brain health, mood and liver health, as it plays a role in your serotonin activity in the brain. But several studies have shown SAMe can assist with joint discomfort, as well.

SAMe for Joint Health

SAMe seems to be able to play a role in a number of mechanisms when it comes to the knee and joint itself. Clinical reviews in the journal Food, Science and Nutrition reports that SAMe helps to regenerate joint cartilage and reduces inflammation, likely due to its antioxidant effect. This is from the Sciences University of Alberta in Canada.

The book ‘The Procedures and Clinical Practice Third Edition’ studied pain procedures in clinical practice for orthopedic doctors, rheumatologists, and other practicing MDs. This research reported that SAMe works as well as Celecoxib at the two month point for arthritis in the knee. Celecoxib is the most commonly used drug on the planet for arthritic knees. Its trade name is Celebrex. This research suggests that SAMe likely has an anti-inflammatory effect because it has been shown to reduce inflammatory chemicals within the knee, such as tumour necrosis factor. These are chemicals that can damage the cartilage of the knee, causing swelling and the degradation of joint tissue. SAMe also stimulates proteoglycan synthesis that helps maintain joint cartilage.

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The problem with many joint medications are that they have some serious side effects. This can includes a raise in blood pressure and heart failure.

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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It is their goal, according to their website, to develop scientific information for other agencies and governmental organizations. They reviewed the research for SAMe for joint health; they performed a meta-analysis of ten human clinical trials. According to the analysis, even compared to enzytes, SAMe worked just as well. Enzates are drugs that are commonly prescribed for arthritis.

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