Staying Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 50

Staying Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 50

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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I believe the objective right now during this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is to make yourself stronger. Besides the social isolation, staying six-feet away from people and washing your hands, if you can make yourself stronger by weakening the virus, that is a good thing. This includes foods and supplements that you should consider to boost your immunity and overall wellness today.

Foods That Support A Healthy Immune System

Mushrooms in general have a whole slew of nutrients that support the immune system – Selenium, B-vitamins, Niacin and more! They also have powerful antioxidants that can protect you against inflammation. The healthy constituents of these mushrooms include a variety of antioxidants, polyphenols, polysaccharides, flavonoids, natural Vitamin D and other vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, and unique carotenoids. Together, these nutrients provide excellent support for the immune system and metabolism. Mushrooms are known to have unique superpowers that may allow them to support both “killer” and “helper” T cells, as well as adapt to the unique needs of your immune system to defend and promote overall health. Mushroom soup is a perfect food during the virus season!

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Tea – green or white tea – contain polyphenols or antioxidants that support healthy immunity and overall wellness. A study from the University of Florida Gainsville reported that green tea decreased the risk of participants developing the flu, compared to placebo. White tea is a powerful defender against harmful bacteria, yeasts, and viruses, yet it ignores the healthy bacteria in your intestines. Note: put lemon in your tea (not milk)!

Chicken soup, besides containing protein, contains Carnosine. Carnosine is made up of two amino acids – Alanine and Histidine – and is found in high concentrations in muscle tissue and in the brain. According to research published in the Journal of Therapeutics, carnosine found in chicken soup can help strengthen the body’s immune system to fight off flu in its early stages.

Garlic has the ability to kill bacteria and has been used since ancient times as a powerful immune system tonic. When garlic is aged, it allows some of its health-preserving constituents to become more powerful for the immune system, without the odor. You can find Aged Garlic in superior non-GMO supplements.

Broccolli and other cabbage vegetables are also important for a healthy immune system. Berries to help protect from inflammation in the heart and radiation, but they are also foods to focus on

Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

Stay away from sugary drinks and sugar-filled foods; just two cans of soda has enough sugar to reduce the ability of your white blood cells to kill germs by about 40%. The immune-suppressing effects of sugar starts about 30 minutes after consumption and lasts about 5 hours.

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Alcohol, just like sugar, can reduce the ability of your white blood cells to kill germs. Limit your alcohol intake!

Saturated fat has been found to suppress the immune system.

Nutrients to Support Healthy Immunity

Nucleotides are found naturally in fish, poultry, legumes, sprouts and breast milk. They are considered nutritional “building blocks”, providing energy to support and maintain various body functions. They offer excellent immune support.

Arginine is an essential protein-creating amino acid that is not created naturally in the body. It plays an essential role in cell division, immune function, hormone release and more.

Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body on a daily basis. A sufficient amount of zinc is necessary for proper immune system function and numerous other vital body processes. According to several university research studies, zinc supplementation including Zinc Lozenges may be highly beneficial to boost immunity and support formation of healthy tissue.

What are your thoughts on what is going on with the Coronavirus? Leave us a comment below to discuss.

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