How Sterols Support Your Heart & Healthy Cholesterol – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 107

How Sterols Support Your Heart & Healthy Cholesterol – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 107

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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There are several major risk factors for heart disease and heart attacks, and it is not just cholesterol. Cholesterol is part of the plaques inside of your heart that contributes to coronary heart disease, which has been known for over 175 years. In the 1980s, they introduced statin drugs to lower cholesterol and it was very successful. However, not everyone can take a statin, as some individuals can experience muscle pain, fatigue and a drop in endurance/stamina.

Cholesterol Background

When you look at your cholesterol figure, it is usually made out of three components. Adding these numbers up provides you with your total cholesterol number.

  1. LDL Cholesterol is considered the bad figure
  2. HDL Cholesterol is considered the good figure and works like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the fat out of the artery walls heart. It is also a great anti-inflammatory
  3. VLDL Cholesterol

Not all cholesterol is bad cholesterol. You need is needed for a variety of things in the body:

  • Nerve health
  • Muscle health
  • To create hormones
  • To make certain vitamins (isoprenoid vitamins)
  • Brain Health

But when your cholesterol is too high and is being used in the body, it becomes a cholesterol relevant. That makes it easily damaged, or oxidized. Once this happens, cholesterol can become pro-inflammatory. In other words, it can cause inflammation. This occurs in the arteries in your heart and contributes to hardening of the arteries and coronary heart disease (the biggest killer in America).

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What are Sterols?

Sterols have been shown to lower your cholesterol in numerous studies. Sterols are a supplement that come from plants. They look like cholesterol, but they do not act like cholesterol. When you take them before a meal, they block the absorption of cholesterol and they do not block the absorption of other good fats, including Vitamin D, Lyopene and Lutein. This makes your bad cholesterol go down very quickly. New data shows that sterols have many more benefits for heart health. Sterols work so well that major academic institutions are behind it. There is even an FDA claim for it!†


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