Why Vitamin D Is Essential For Survival – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 285

Why Vitamin D Is Essential For Survival – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 285

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Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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I once wrote an article about how Vitamin D was improving people’s lifespan and healthspan. Lifespan is how long you live, but healthspan is how long you stay healthy. There’s been a huge amount of research coming out over the past several decades, but recently it’s hit the ground running. I want to discuss some of the new data that’s come out in the past several weeks on Vitamin D because it’s rather amazing and I really think that almost everyone can get value from taking this supplement.†   

Vitamin D is a magnificent, very safe supplement. It is very cost effective, very safe and seems to be unbelievably protectiveIf you’re going to take a Vitamin D supplement, make sure it’s a really high quality supplement. Another tip: D3, also known as cholecalciferol, seems to be superior to D2, which is ergocalciferol.† 

Vitamin D and COVID-19

On December 21, 2020, there was a very important letter sent out to world governments by 120 science and medical experts from the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. This letter said that there is clear evidence that Vitamin D reduces COVID-19 infections, but also helps keep you out of the hospital and helps prevent you from dying. This group of scientists is calling for immediate, widespread, increased Vitamin D intakes. Most of the signatories to the letter declared that they were personally taking at least 4000 units per day.† 

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In the letter, they cite new mechanisms specific to SARS-CoV-2 that are now very well understood. They said that with a body of evidence including a whole bunch of different biological mechanisms showing how Vitamin D directly influences your outcome with the COVID-19 infection. They said that there are more than 70 studies showing that higher levels of Vitamin D in the blood are connected with a lower risk of getting an infection, and also that you have a lower risk of being hospitalized. In other words, if you got the virus, it wasn’t as mean or as dangerous. These studies also indicated that higher levels in the blood could help keep COVID-19 patients out of the intensive care unit and could help prevent death.† 

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Here’s a study from the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Heidelberg that was published in the journal Nutrients last September. The researchers were looking at the level of Vitamin D in a person’s blood and its connection to how severe the COVID-19 infection would become and how it impacted survival. They looked at 185 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and treated at the University of Heidelberg Medical Center. The researchers found that patients with a deficiency had a higher risk of having a severe COVID infection, like winding up in the intensive care unit, winding up on oxygen or winding up with a mechanical ventilator. They had a 612% increased risk of winding up with a serious disease and the risk of dying was 1473% higher.†    

For additional reports relating to Vitamin D and COVID-19, tune into the full podcast episode. 

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Additional risks deficiency

A report that came out on February 16, 2021 indicated that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of being hospitalized in older adults, as well as how long they stay in the hospital. This applies to people over the age of 60, according to this cross-sectional study of over 3000 people. Previous studies have also indicated that if you lack this vitamin, you have an increased risk of being hospitalized, being readmitted to the hospital, having a longer stay in the hospital and of being admitted to a nursing home. There is also evidence that lacking Vitamin D is involved with multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and infections.† 

What do you think about these studies? Leave a comment below to discuss.

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