White Kidney Beans and Belly Fat: What You Need to Know

White Kidney Beans and Belly Fat: What You Need to Know
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Written by Chief Scientific Director, Radio Host and Pharmacist Jerry Hickey Ph

Recently I reported my weight loss success with a natural supplement – Raspberry Ketones. I was immediately besieged by a small swarm of excited InVite colleagues. They were roused into activity – jabbing at the air – pointing out the benefits of Phase 2; why hadn’t I mentioned it – am I that callous? They, most being naturopathic physicians and clinical nutritionists, said emphatically Phase 2 also helps with fat loss and what’s more it makes you feel less hungry – more satiated. Additionally they report that it curbs carbohydrate cravings, is also safe and easy to use and has a good effect on blood sugar if it’s already within a healthy range. How could I miss reporting such a bundle of benefit?

The best thing about it, the report is the success rate; their clients will stick with Phase 2 – they are loosing weight but not starving; a sure fire way for a weight loss plan to fail is to have a client feel hungry. Also, their clients do not have to give up the foods they adore; potatoes, pasta and bread. Interestingly many clients report they are cutting back on these foods voluntarily because they feel less of an urge to eat them.  So Phase 2 seems to be another painless and safe way to loose some belly fat.

Phase 2 is made by Pharmachem Labs and Pharmachem puts their money where your mouth is to help you loose weight. Pharmachem has spent a bundle on Phase 2 research and many human clinical trials support its use for fat loss. Phase 2 is an ingredient from white kidney beans. The beans are non-GMO and no solvent is used to concentrate down the starch blocking ingredient. A little physiology tutorial to illustrate how it works; when you eat carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta, bread or rice the pancreas releases alpha amylase enzymes. These enzymes break down the white starchy component of the food releasing sugars. The sugar is then absorbed but if you don’t burn the sugar during physical activity it will be stored on your belly as fat. If you take two Phase 2 capsules with a glass of water right before a meal it gently attaches to the starch digesting enzymes, you break down less sugar and absorb less starch calories – it’s as simple and as safe as that. I usually recommend taking Phase 2 twice a day before your two biggest meals.

My associate Dr Millennia Lytle ND (AKA Dr Millie) reports very good results with Phase 2; enhancing healthy sugar levels, inhibiting carbohydrate craving and supporting fat loss – it is definitely worth a try because it is so safe and there is so much data supporting it s use for loosing weight and keeping it off and Phase 2 has a long track record of supporting weight loss in the USA and Canada.

For clients who have already lost weight and don’t want to gain it back Phase 2 is terrific. Taking Phase 2 is an easy way to help prevent gaining that weight back and I highly recommend it.

Tell us what you are doing to to curb your appetite and keep your weight down?


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