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Spotlight: What You Need To Know About Obesity in Men

Spotlight: What You Need To Know About Obesity in Men

Today it’s becoming more difficult for men to truly eat healthy. As a result, ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease have been on the rise due to unhealthy weight gain. Fast food chains and restaurants delivering the message that “bigger is better”. Over the years obesity in men has become a major epidemic and health concern. Our Nutritionist Jeremy Cubelo explains ways to help obese men to not only eat healthier, but to also help shed the extra pounds.

Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels

  • Increase the likelihood of abnormal testosterone levels. This is based on the premise that fat cells readily convert testosterone to estrogen.
  • Unlike women, most men are much more likely to gain weight in the abdominal area
  • Obese men increase their risk of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If the man in your life struggles with any of these ailments, go to for some possible solutions. Alternatively, there are more natural methods that can help with ED, such as penis pumps. Whether you are considering medications or penis pumping for this issue, make sure you consult a doctor, as there may be a more sinister reason for your erectile dysfuction that may require treatment.
  • Estrogen, unfortunately, cannot be transformed back into testosterone due to its fat storage properties.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight may not only prevent a decline in testosterone levels, but also decrease a man’s libido.

Decrease your calorie in take daily

  • Reduce the amount of calories you eat – create a large enough deficit to burn excess fat, but not to the point where it puts the body into starvation mode.
  • A deficit of 500 calories is a good place to start, but of course, this number will vary depending on how much extra weight you actually have.
  • Cut out all the junk food in the diet (i.e. potato chips, sodas, candies, cakes, etc.). Also eliminate fried foods, mayonnaise, butter, whole milk and simple carbs.
  • Replace them with a variety of complex carbohydrates (Whole wheat bread, Oatmeal, Whole wheat pasta, Brown Rice), Healthy Proteins (Lean Beef, Eggs, Turkey, Chicken, Fat Free Yogurt) and Fruits and Veggies.

Eliminate eating just 3 large meals a day

  • Having 3 large meals a day causes the body to enter into a starvation mode – which stores extra fat at the expense of body functioning.
  • 5-6 smaller type meals each day- In doing this, the body will become more efficient in separating and utilizing vital nutrients. The body will not store fat as easily and overall metabolism will peak. This peak in metabolism increases the level of heat in your body, which as a result burns extra calories.


  • We can start with 5 days of cardio (twice a day at 30 minutes each session). We can also add stomach crunch sit ups 2 times per week doing a total of 3 sets.
  • Cardio activities: Swimming, Jogging, Biking, and Brisk Walking.
  • Introduce light lifting exercises to slowly introduce the person to exercising with weights.

Daily Supplements

  • A daily intake of water and a solid multivitamin (Invite Multi, Invite Multi for Men or Women, or Invite Performance Multi). With the proper foods now in place, the frequency of meals will now become an obese man’s best friend when it comes to losing those extra pounds.†
  • Green Tea can help speed up your metabolism, decrease belly fat and your waistline.†

How many meals do you have a day?


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