3 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Stay Focused

3 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Stay Focused

Do you feel like you need more time throughout the day to get things done? Or maybe you feel like it’s hard for you to focus in order to catch up. Either way, we’re bringing you some tips on how to practice mindfulness and stay focused, no matter the task!

1. Work Smarter.

You may not be able to control how many deadlines you have in one day, but you can control how you structure your day in order to get things done. If you have the most energy at the beginning of your day, use it to tackle your most mundane tasks that are more detail oriented. Then, streamline your day by tackling similar tasks at the same time, like updating a few spreadsheets at a time instead of breaking it up throughout the day.

2. Know When Your Body Needs A Break

If you normally get hit with a 2pm energy slump and try to work through that sluggish feeling, you may want to do the opposite and step away from your desk. You can try stepping outside for a quick break to wake yourself up. Grab a glass of water and some nuts before jumping back in. A break throughout the day also gives your eyes a rest, especially if you’re stuck working in front of a computer throughout your work day.

3. Reward Yourself

Sometimes your day can get boring. Many of us work in very habitual environments – clock in, check your emails, send in a report, go to lunch, meet another deadline, go home. Just like you may treat yourself with a healthy smoothie or meal replacement after a workout, you should reward yourself for doing tasks throughout your day. These can be as simple as taking a break and scrolling through Instagram after you submitted your assignment, or doing some stretches every two hours.

How do you make it through your workday feeling clear, practicing mindfulness and feeling focused? Leave us a comment below to join the discussion.


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