Why You Need A Fitness Partner Right Now

Why You Need A Fitness Partner Right Now

It’s true – having a “fitness buddy” has a positive impact on your health! According to a new Dutch study, scientists report that more than 90% of people who start an exercise program with a fitness buddy continue to work out after a year. If you’re struggling with your motivation or you want to squeeze more out of every workout you do, one of the smartest choices you can make is to invite a fitness buddy on your workouts. This doesn’t mean you can’t be successful by yourself! If you can try solo routines like the one man punch workout (read more about the program here) or Crossfit! But if you find you can lack motivation then it is probably best Here are four reasons why having a fitness partner is the best method to reach your goals.

You’ll Actually Go to the Gym or Class

It’s tough to ditch a friend when you know they’re counting on you to go to the gym or a class with them, or if they have set up a home gym and they have invited you over. Professor of Psychology at Santa Clara University, Thomas Plante, PhD, says that multiple studies prove the power of exercise partners. “If you know a friend is waiting for you at the gym or won’t pound the pavement without you, it’s tough to bail.”

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More Motivated Workouts

A study from Michigan State reported that women who were told they had “super-fit virtual sweat sisters” simultaneously spinning pedaled for nearly twice as long as those who believed they were working out alone. Another study by Stanford University has found that simply receiving a phone call invitation to work out every two weeks can boost the amount of exercise you do by up to 78% (on average).

Good for the Mind

Having a workout partner while walking or jogging can be a great way to both decompress and multitask. Plus, time goes by fast when you’re having fun! You’ll be so into each others stories that you won’t even notice the time. Competition is good for the mind and it makes you perform better. In one study, participants performed better when they were paired up with a workout partner who was fitter than they were. The study also found that in order to maximize motivation, your workout buddy should be about 40% better than you are. Don’t let that scare you! Use your fitness partners strengths as your own and work to push yourself against them.

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Sharing the Tricks of the Trade

If your usual routine is to jump on the treadmill for 20 minutes and you’re starting to feel bored and unmotivated, ask your fitness buddy for some tips or switch your workout with them! Also, if your workout buddy has some fitness exercise, they can help you correct any mistakes your making, especially when it comes to your form. Unless you’re working out in front of a mirror each time, there may be things your fitness partner can see that you aren’t aware of. According to a UK study, you’ll burn 41 calories per session on average while exercising with your buddy than you would burn alone.

Grab your fitness partner and head outside, to the gym, or a HIIT workout class. You’ll thank us later.


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