Build Your Own Success Story with an InVite® Health Franchise

Build Your Own Success Story with an InVite® Health Franchise

Vitamins have been reduced to a commodity. We break the mold by creating a personalized experience. At InVite® Health, The Luxury Brand of Vitamins, we offer a unique retail experience and the highest quality products, combined with access to the latest health research and a staff of nutrition professionals. You can too, with an InVite® Health Franchise store.

A Market Full of Potential

Sales of vitamins, minerals, and supplements is close to $23 billion in the U.S.1 Rising healthcare costs, millions of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, and increased consumer health concerns are set to drive the growth of the vitamin and supplement industry well into the future.2 Nearly half of U.S. adults are taking vitamins and other dietary supplements3, and evidence from a study published in 2014 in the Nutrition Journal suggests that this is a major part of an effort to develop healthier lifestyles.4 InVite® Health is committed to helping clients of all ages find the products that will help them manage their health concerns and meet their wellness goals – all while creating an ideal opportunity for you as a business owner.

A Prescription for Growth

Just as we are there for our clients, InVite® Health will be there for you. As an InVite® Health franchise owner, you will have continuous support from our experienced team of experts who have helped us build our stores, run retail operations, and manage the business. You will benefit from our customized support system, and we will help you learn how to run the business – from tools, to training, to ongoing assistance.

  • Start-Up Assistance: We’ll be there to assist you with your store’s location and design to maintain the InVite® Health standard and recognized image our clients expect. As well as this, it will be your responsibility as the business owner to ensure that you have registered your business with the relevant authorities before starting your venture.
  • Supplies & Inventory: As a franchise owner, you’ll receive guidance on planning and ordering inventory supplies.
  • Training: Our training program covers business procedures, customer service, inventory management, human resources and more.
  • Marketing Assistance: As a franchise owner, you’ll become a part of our established marketing systems and campaigns. You’ll benefit from brand visibility from our extensive promotions via multiple channels – radio, Internet, social media, blogs, etc.

How It Works…

Customized Service

At InVite® Health, we understand that everyone’s nutritional needs are different. This is why we offer free assessments from our in-store nutritional consultants. We identify the needs of each of our clients and create customized wellness plans to guide them on their journey toward optimal health.

Natural Products

InVite® Health takes a holistic approach, using vitamins and supplements to improve overall health rather than focusing on just one specific issue. Our products can help counterbalance nutrient depletions caused by medications, and even help medications to work better.

Franchisee Training & Support

As an InVite® Health franchise owner, you too can benefit from our exclusive products and individualized approach. We’ll teach you and your staff how to help your clients improve their health, naturally and show you how to make the best use of our unquestionable reputation for customer service, quality, and convenience.

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