Nutritional Recommendations for COVID-19 by Chief Scientific Officer and Pharmacist, Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Nutritional Recommendations for COVID-19 by Chief Scientific Officer and Pharmacist, Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Written by Jerry Hickey, Ph.

With so much information available on COVID-19 and immune health in general, it may be difficult to fully understand what is going on around us today. Here is some important information on what is going on inside of our bodies by our immune system and some of my nutritional recommendations to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Immunity 101

The immune system is complex and many cells are used to achieve different functions. Some cells attack infectious organisms or cancer cells, other cells govern the fight, while others calm down the activated immune system cells once an infection is over; otherwise you have persistent and damaging inflammation.

The various immune system cells are always communicating with one-another to achieve this. The messengers they use are called cytokines. Some cytokines strongly activate the immune system; they are called pro-inflammatory cytokines. Dominant ones are TNF-Alpha, IL-6 (interleukin-6) and IL-1. Some cytokines deactivate the immune system; they are anti-inflammatory cytokines. A great example would be IL-10.

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What is happening in our bodies when a virus attacks?

In SARS, MERS, COVID-19, Ebola Virus and Sepsis the virus attacks the lungs and the inflammation triggered by the virus results in pneumonia and fluid building up in the lining of the lungs. In some patients, there is a ferocious counterattack by the immune system in their lungs. It strongly destroys lung tissue and can attack the heart also. This is called Cytokine Storm and is a major part of sepsis where organs shut down. Lung and heart damage can be permanent.

The cytokine storm form bacteria, which is largely neutrophils varies from that of viruses, so one size does not suit all. The dominant cytokines in this event for COVID-19 include TNF-Alpha, IL-6, and IL-1.

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Nutritional Recommendations

The good news is, there are some nutrients that can support a healthy immune and respiratory system. These a nutrients that are backed by clinical trials and studies, and I greatly recommend them in this time of need.

Resveratrol to support the strength of the lungs

I would recommend two Resveratrol Hx 100mg once or twice a day (breakfast and dinner).

Ubiquinol to support heart health and protect the lungs

I would recommend one Ubiquinol 120mg with NADH two or three times a day with meals, depending on the clients age and overall health.

A superior Multivitamin formula or Macula Formula to further enhance lung and immune protection, especially when the formulations include the activated MTHF, Tocotrienols, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Vitamins C, Beta-Carotene and Zinc.†

Respiratory supporting nutrients like Black Seed with Rosemary, Quercetin and Krill oil.

If they have trouble getting fresh fruits and vegetables due to high demand, superfood powders are a great option. They contain formulations of essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, fruits and vegetables to support immunity, energy and overall wellness.

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