How To Optimize Heart Health – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 210

How To Optimize Heart Health – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 210


Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH.

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I want to talk a little bit today about heart health. There are many different nutrients that you can be utilizing to support overall heart health, on top of, of course, adhering to a healthy diet. We do know that foods make a huge impact on the health of not just our heart, but the vascular system and everything in totality. When people follow a Standard American Diet, it can really do some significant damage to the cardiovascular system.   

Supporting Healthy Blood Pressure

Hypertension is when you have elevated blood pressure. An optimal blood pressure, let’s just say, would be 115/75. For many people, we know that that is a hard feat to come by. There’s different reasons as to why one would have elevations in blood pressure. We can look at dietary issues that bring this on. We can look at the sedentary lifestyle that we certainly know can bring this on. There are so many people who are on so many medications to try to control and regulate their blood pressure, which oftentimes is extremely necessary in order to make sure that that pressure doesn’t get to a really harmful level. We also have to recognize that many times those medications then drive up different nutrient deficiencies in the body, which can be a problem in and of itself. What’s really quite interesting is that many of the key nutrients that get depleted from these drugs are things such as coenzymeQ10 and magnesium, both of which are essential to heart and vascular functions. But yet, these medications are continuously prescribed without advice to also be supplementing with nutrients like coQ10 and magnesium. If you’re taking these medications, be sure to take at minimum a multivitamin to try to cover those gaps.†  

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For more information about hypertension, tune into the full podcast episode.

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Supporting a healthy heart

An arrhythmia is a really common issue that occurs when people have an irregular rhythm. People are often put on a blood thinner to try to prevent a potential life-threatening event such as a stroke, but they never really look to see if the arrhythmia is being brought on by a magnesium deficiency. We know that the magnesium is not only important for the relaxation of both the smooth and skeletal muscle, but also important for the electrical conduction system of how the heart itself fires. If we have this misfiring, this can cause this irregular heart rhythm, hence an arrhythmia. Magnesium is kind of that key component to overall cardiovascular health because it helps with allowing the blood vessels to remain more relaxed and dilated, so we can get optimal flow through those blood vessels, which is certainly something that we should all hope to achieve.†

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Nutrients for Heart Health

We know that the amino acid L-arginine also plays this really significant role when it comes to the release of nitric oxide. The more nitric oxide, the more vasodilation that we have. Magnesium and L-arginine are two nutrients I look to when someone is experiencing peaks and valleys in the blood pressure.   

We can also look at hawthorn extract, which we know is also very supportive when we look at maintaining healthy blood pressure, but it actually works as a cardio tonic. This basically refers to any type of a compound that has the ability to allow for proper contractions within the heart muscle itself. If the heart is out of rhythm, having a nutrient such as hawthorn extract certainly can be beneficial.† 

Tune into the full podcast episode to learn more about hawthorn extract and additional nutrients that can help optimize your heart health. 

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