New Study: Runners at Higher Risk of Oral Health Issues

New Study: Runners at Higher Risk of Oral Health Issues

Running has countless benefits for the body and usually is considered one of the top physical activities for the most overall health and fitness benefits. But like most exercises, running also has its downsides. Generally, these downsides include a variety of injuries, especially to the legs, knees, and ankles. Now, research has discovered another health risk – poor oral health.

Knowledgeable supplementation may improve the rate of recovery after exercise training, prevent dehydration, and reduce the incidence of injury.

Study: Link Between Runners and Oral Health Issues

A triathletes’ high carbohydrate consumption, including sports drinks and energy bars during training, can lower the mouth’s pH level to below the critical mark of 5.5. This shows that the oral health of runners is at risk. Runners may suffer a much higher rate of tooth erosion and cavities. What’s more, athletes tend to breathe through their mouths during hard exercise. The mouth gets dry and produces less saliva, which normally protects the teeth.

How Running Benefits Every Aspect of Your Life

Results from one study of various dental tests in both runners and non-runners revealed no significant difference in cavities between the two groups, although the athletes who trained the most had the most cavities. The type of sports beverage consumed was also not linked to cavities. However, there was a highly significant difference in tooth erosion, with the athletes having a much higher rate. At rest, members of the two groups had similar saliva profiles. However, when they began exercising, the athletes produced less saliva and it was acidic as well (pH lower than 7). Also, the degree of acidity increased with the length of time exercising. The exercise test given to the athletes lasted just 36 minutes on average. Saliva is considered very important to good tooth health.

Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is often linked to poor overall health. The mouth is commonplace for bacteria to thrive, which can have a harmful impact on your health along with causing bad breath, cavities and tooth decay. It’s important that runners find the best oral care products too. This will give them a higher chance of preventing bad oral hygiene, so it’s important to find a good brand of oral health products. Make sure to find reputable products that are known to help with oral hygiene, helping you to have fewer problems and issues.

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