The Spotlight on Herbal Tinctures and Their Benefit on Your Body

The Spotlight on Herbal Tinctures and Their Benefit on Your Body
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Written by Luke Kornblatt

You already know the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” That is certainly the case when it comes to herbal tinctures. At InVite® Health, our healthcare professionals understand the multiple health benefits one can gain by using the highest potency, purity and quality herbal extracts in tincture form.

The Basics.

Tinctures are a liquid extract that use herbs and other natural ingredients to enrich your body and help us stay healthy. Everyone should consider incorporating an herbal tincture into their daily routine. Not only are they quick and easy to use, but just 2 droppers are what you need to provide your cells the nutrients they crave.

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Types of Herbal Tinctures.

One type of tincture that numerous studies have focused on is green tea extract. Green tea extract in tincture form is superior for supporting your immune system, weight management, healthy skin, and digestion among many other healthy benefits. One study performed by Osteoporosis International on green tea focused on a group of postmenopausal women doing Tai Chi exercises, a rhythmic movement. The other group was given Tai Chi and green tea. When green tea was added to the exercise, they actually built more muscle strength and bone health than the exercise alone. It improved their strength and it had a positive impact on their bones. But if they added green tea to the exercise, it actually improved their strength better than the exercise alone and had an impact on their muscles and their bone health actually improved better than with exercise alone.†


Vitamin D tinctures have shown to be beneficial for brain health, muscle strength, and immune system functions. Vitamin D is normally made in an interaction between the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and the cholesterol in your skin. Vitamin D is eventually activated by the liver, where it is partially modified and stored. The aging of skin, sun avoidance, winter weather, darker skin tone, and wearing sunscreen can all decrease Vitamin D in your body. This vitamin is needed for many things, including bone health, due to its regulatory effects on Calcium and Phosphorus. Vitamin D is needed for strength, brain health, activity with blood pressure regulation, and the function of the sugar-controlling hormone, insulin.†


Another type of tincture that has  immense health benefits is a tincture that contains antioxidants from both blueberries and pomegranates. BlueGranate is a combination of Blueberry and Pomegranate as standardized extracts. This means that the amount of active ingredients for each fruit is present and at a concentrated level. Inside the body, these combined phytochemicals may provide antioxidant protection, buffering the body from normal cellular damage caused by oxygen. Polyphenols may play a role in protecting genes from stress. Overall, these nutrients help protect healthy memory and circulation by stimulating healthy blood vessels, brain, and nerve cells. During the aging process they protect cell turnover, support inflammatory response and extend the life of gene expression.†

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