Whey Protein: More Than Just Muscles – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 198

Whey Protein: More Than Just Muscles – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 198

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH.

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When it comes to whey protein, most of the time we think of working out. Everyone has heard about people going to the gym and having their protein shake ahead of their workout or perhaps post-workout. But we know so much more now about whey protein and how it can be beneficial in terms of enhancing our overall longevity. There’s so much science out there that really is supportive to the way that whey protein is actually working. 

What is whey protein isolate?

When it comes to whey protein, it’s important that we understand the difference between an isolate and concentrate formula. There is really a difference. When we think about whey in general, we’re looking at all of the essential amino acids, so that’s going to help in terms of proteins. We have this broad spectrum of essential amino acids that provide that building block that the body needs for daily functioning. The isolate is a form that is specifically processed to actually remove the fat, casein, and lactose out of that. All it’s doing is leaving those essential amino acids, so those are separated from the other components. So when we’re supplementing, taking the isolated form is really quite beneficial. We’re just getting the power of those amino acids.†  


For the average adult, somewhere between 50 to 70 grams of protein per day is what we need to obtain. Not at all one sitting, though, because the kidneys need time to process the protein itself. But the protein has to be coming from the right sources. When we think about supplementing with a whey protein isolate, this is a really nice way for you to obtain a nice amount of those essential amino acids. With our Whey Protein Powder, you will see that it provides 13 grams of protein, and that’s a really nice amount.† 

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The Benefits of Whey for Fitness

Oftentimes, when people think about what whey s doing, they just think about utilizing it for pumping iron and getting bigger muscles. We know that whey protein supplementation can help to support lean body mass and increase and enhance performance when it comes to exercise. A study done at Auburn University looked at the impact of whey protein supplementation on athletes. The researchers gave a group of athletes from the university whey protein isolate for 8 weeks and looked at different markers and their body compositions. At the end of the 8 weeks, they were able to find that the group that received the whey protein did really well in terms of overall body composition.†     

For more research about the impacts of whey on muscle development, tune into the full podcast episode. 

Additional Benefits

A study that came out of Australia found that whey protein isolate actually helped to improve Vitamin B12 and folate status in adults who were getting older. If we have low B12 and low folate, various body functions, including our red blood cell production and basic central nervous system functions, are impacted. Having adequate levels of B12 and folate makes a huge difference in terms of how we feel as we get older. In this particular study, researchers gave older adults whey protein isolate and found that after they started taking it, their B12 and folate levels improved.†

Whey also can make a huge impact on our intracellular glutathione levels. If we can be taking a whey protein supplement that can help our body with the natural production of one of the most important antioxidants we have, then that’s pretty darn relevant. Ohio State University released a study that looked at damage done by oxidative stress. One of the things that they focused on was the cysteine in particular. Cysteine is the rate-limiting amino acid for the synthesis of glutathione. Being able to determine that the whey protein isolate can increase glutathione synthesis and protect cells against oxidative damage is really important.†     


We talk about how different things start to happen to our body as we start to get older and how our body doesn’t absorb nutrients or manufacture antioxidants the way that it did when we were younger. Taking whey protein isolate will not only be beneficial for maintaining healthy body mass, but also, we now know it’s helping to support vitamin status, natural antioxidant production, and more.†   

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