All About Hydrolyzed Collagen – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 23

All About Hydrolyzed Collagen – Invite Health Podcast, Episode 23

Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH.

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On today’s episode, we are going to be talking about Collagen – what it actually is and what type is best to use and more!

What is Collagen?

There are more than 1 type of collagen – there are actually about 28 different types. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. The majority, about 99%, is of the Type 1 through Type 5 variety. However, over 90% is of the Type 1 variety specifically.

When we think about our skin, hair, bones, tendons and ligaments, these are all made of Type 1 Collagen. If you are thinking about supplementing with Collagen, Type 1 is best in this regard. Type 2 deals more with cartilage and maybe someone who is dealing with arthritis. A combination of Type 1 and Type 2 Collagen would be best.

How it works in the body

This important protein gives your organs and tissues their strength and elasticity. A lack of Collagen in the body can start to impact so many different aspects of your body. This includes aches and pains, excessive wrinkles, thinning hair and more.

When you look at the body’s natural supply of collagen, it begins to decline at around 25 years old. At 60 years old, you’ve lost about half of your natural collagen supply in your body!

Now, there are so many different types of Collagen and so many different products on the market today. Type 1 is going to be the most essential. During the aging process, the shift in the collagen store in the body can impact our bones and elasticity. For someone getting older, you may think about calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, but to maintain the flexibility in the bone as you age, you should supplement with Collagen.

Scientific Studies on Hydrolyzed Collagen

There is a lot of research out there on the benefits of supplementing with hydrolyzed Collagen. Make sure you are using a formula that has been utilized in human clinical trials that can prove its benefit. The form that we use here at InVite® is called Peptan-B™, which has been shown in clinical trials to be extremely beneficial.

A study published in the Complimentary Therapies and Medicine Journal that demonstrated the effects of hydrolyzed collagen when it comes to articular pain. This was a six month study that looked at the efficacy and safety of using hydrolyzed collagen and pain in the joints of the participants. One group was given hydrolyzed collagen and the other a placebo. What researchers found, is the group given hydrolyzed collagen experienced a clinically significant improvement in the most painful joints after six months. 

A separate study from the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals looked at the impact of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation on skin elasticity, hydration and wrinkles. Participants included a group of post-menopausal women given hydrolyzed collagen or a placebo. Researchers noted the depth of the wrinkles, and the elasticity and moisture in the skin. After the study, those who took an oral supplement of hydrolyzed collagen had a significant reduction in the depth of facial wrinkles and an increase in the skins elasticity and hydration.

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