ATP: The Energy ATM Machine of the Body – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 255

ATP: The Energy ATM Machine of the Body – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 255


Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey. Ph

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I believe if you were to poll most people and ask them what they feel that they lack most, it’s either going to be the answer of time, money or energy. Energy is certainly something that we can focus in on. 

Energy is so incredibly important to how we function every single day. If we are stressed out, our energy stores can go down. If we’re not eating right and eating nutrient-empty foods, we’re not going to be sourcing energy from those foods to actually fuel our bodies. There are a lot of different ways in which energy can really help to enhance our overall sense of wellbeing. If we’re lacking in energy, then we definitely need to be taking the appropriate steps to address that. I want to talk today about ATP.

What is ATP?

The body itself is such a unique organism. Because of its uniqueness, it takes and requires so much energy just to maintain proper functioning. Oftentimes, we underfuel our bodies to such a degree that we stumble through our day and over the course of years and decades, this will eventually start to catch up and you start to get into this very energy-deficient state.†   

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The form of energy that we consider to be the energy currency of the cells is known as ATP, which is adenosine triphosphate. This is the primary source of energy for use and storage at that cellular level. We’re talking about all cells throughout the body.†  

What ATP actually is is a nucleoside triphosphate, which means it consists of a base, which is the adenine, a ribose sugar and these three bonded phosphate groups. We generally just refer to this as the main energy all cells produce within the mitochondria.†  

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In addition to providing energy, we also recognize that ATP serves a whole slew of different functions within the cell, including the proper signaling of the DNA and RNA synthesis. This is very important. If we’re lacking that ATP, that’s going to impact the way that the cells themselves can replicate and the information is passed along. If we’re screwing up DNA and RNA synthesis, then that means that that is going to become problematic for us.†   

When we look at all the different functions of different cellular systems, like cellular respiration and oxidation, there are different ways in which ATP is utilized in that source of energy to really control and regulate these multiple catabolic mechanisms that actually occur within each cell. We know that we require an awful lot of ATP each and every single day to ensure proper functioning. If we’re not getting proper nutrients from our diet, we’re not getting adequate sleep, we’re not hydrated and all the different things, we can see how the cells can start to struggle over time, which can become incredibly problematic.†  

Supplementing with ATP

What’s very, very interesting is that, through scientific advancements, we have gotten to the point where we can actually now utilize ATP in an oral supplementation form. This is very good for a multitude of different reasons.† 

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Number one, if we are in a state that we know that we are probably energy-deficient, if we have high stress or if we have any type of chronic disease state, then we know that we probably need to get some additional ATP on board. 95% of energy in the body requires ATP. This is why, when we look at chronic disease states, oftentimes people will complain about feeling fatigued or lethargic. We are seeing this more and more often in people who are “healthy,” but they still feel like they are lacking energy.† 

We have studied ATP in the setting of exercise science and recognizing that when you add in oral supplementation of ATP, this can really be beneficial for exercise by helping to enhance the muscle mass and strength and also support the overall health of the muscles themselves.†  

Then, we can kind of fast forward and consider that, if ATP is good for someone who’s working out, then it would probably be beneficial for someone who’s experiencing age-related muscle mass loss. Indeed, they have studied ATP supplementation for that as well.†       

Tune into the full podcast episode for more research on the benefits of ATP supplementation.

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