How to Power Your Memory & Brain Health by Jerry Hickey, R. Ph

How to Power Your Memory & Brain Health by Jerry Hickey, R. Ph

As we age, our brain function slows down naturally. This happens for two main reasons. First off, there is a drop that occurs in the concentration of growth factors that repair spaces between nerves, known as the synaptic region. This leads to a slower healing process of the synapse and a decrease in the efficiency of nerve transmission. Therefore, cell-to-cell communication falters. Secondly, the numerous tiny power plants called mitochondria found in each nerve cell become old and wrinkled. Their efficiency decreases, therefore decreasing the creation of energy in the brain.

As it turns out, we can retool these mitochondria in order to restore energy production in the brain. When energy production is restored, memory and brain efficiency improves. When the brain has adequate energy and efficiency, healing can then take place. You can literally restore your brain’s healing ability by restoring some level of function to its neurons (the brain’s nerve cells). This also protects the brain from the increased level of toxic free radicals that are generated as we age. Increased levels of toxic free radicals lead to deteriorating brain function and loss of cognitive function, resulting in poor memory.

What Nutrients can Help Protect Your Brain Health?

With a proper cocktail of nutrients that address the health of these tiny power plants, you can protect your brain, improve its health, and restore mental energy. You will most likely notice an improvement in focus, attention span, creativity, energy, mood, memory function and learning skills. This is especially true if you eat the right foods in addition to taking the correct supplements. Your brain’s energy production and healing process are both likely to improve significantly, leading to improvement in brain metabolism as well. With the correct nutrients, supplements and diet, you can literally turn back the hands of time on an aging brain!

The nutrients ALCAR, ALA, and Ubiquinol are true mitochondrial nutrients that are known to restore function to brain cells by improving energy production and metabolism. DHA is a fat derived from fish that helps protect, restore, and improve the health and functionality of the brain. Foods very high in antioxidant value such as blueberries, spinach and Spirulina also help by improving the rate of healing in the brain. These nutrients and foods are known to restore the level of growth factors that heal the space between nerve cells. Healing these synaptic regions is very important for restoring all manners of brain function. By improving energy production and metabolism, as well as restoring the ability to heal, you may truly reverse aging in the brain to a degree – this is, of course, superior to simply slowing down the aging process. Read more on the nutrients that can help power and protect your brain health today!

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