Listen To Your Gut! What Your Digestive System is Trying to Tell You

Listen To Your Gut! What Your Digestive System is Trying to Tell You

Understanding the digestive system can seem intimidating. But could your system be trying to tell you something? It may not be fun to talk about but complications with digestion can result in a multitude of digestive issues and associated health problems, like heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea.

Here’s what your gut may be trying to tell you.

You need to rebalance your gut bacteria.

Bacteria is commonly thought of as negative. There are plenty of harmful bacteria that can lead to a number of risks when it comes to the bacteria inside of your body. But with harmful bacteria comes beneficial bacteria called Probiotics. Research suggests that choosing a quality probiotic will help with digestion and help you maintain a healthy gut.†

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that make up the microbiome in your gut or digestive tract and are the key to good health, especially to good digestion and regularity. Bacteria, though naturally present in the body, accounts for two pounds of bio-mass in your intestines, which need a balance of beneficial bacteria to promote good health.†

Levels of probiotics decrease with age and can also be affected by other factors, including a poor diet and obesity. As the levels of probiotics decrease, problematic bacteria in the gut thrive, which can lead to digestive problems like bloating and gas.

You are feeling the impact of pollutants or chemicals.

We live in an increasingly polluted environment, loaded with toxins; the soil we grow our food in is often nutrient-depleted and many consume processed, factory-made foods supplying scant nutrients. Ironically, our bodies wind up requiring even more vitamins and minerals to effectively metabolize nutrient-depleted foods. Add that depletion with less time spent outdoors, minimal exercise, prescription drugs and medications, and chronic stress, and the result is that many individuals are truly nutritionally deficient.

To make your gut happy, be sure to monitor what you are putting into your body. Nutritionally, you’ll want to stay away from processed foods and turn to whole foods instead. Topically, be sure you are reading what is on the labels of your favorite products like your skin cream and cleansers. Sixty percent of what you apply onto your skin gets absorbed into your body and blood stream.

Here are the ingredients you should be avoiding in your skin care products!

You have a weak immune system.

Did you know that a good portion of the immune system is in the gut? Bacteria in the gut produce B-vitamins, but depending on the condition of your gut, the amount of nutrients being absorbed can be hindered. Frank Lipman, MD explains, “When your gut is balanced with good bacteria, it works properly to defend your body from infections, colds and illnesses. If there’s an imbalance, the body loses its ability to cope and ward off bad bugs, which leads to frequent sickness.”

The first step to strengthen your immune system is to focus on restoring and balancing your microbiome. To do that, you may want to turn to Probiotics. The next step is to turn to key enzymes that can help breakdown and improve your digestion, to help increase the absorption of nutrients into your body. Studies have shown that Bromelain, sourced from pineapple, is an enzyme that supports healthy digestion of proteins. Lactase is an enzyme that helps break down lactose to support the digestion of dairy products.†

Questions about your gut or your digestive system? Leave a comment below to discuss your questions with a certified nutritionist.


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