Targeting Belly Fat with Blueberry and Pomegranate – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 508

Targeting Belly Fat with Blueberry and Pomegranate – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 508

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Targeting Belly Fat with Blueberry and Pomegranate – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 508

Hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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Amanda Williams, MPH:

[00:00:40] You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of berry extracts, how we should incorporate berries into our daily dietary routine. We know that two particular fruits have been studied extensively when it comes to enhancing something known as AMPK, which is an enzyme that’s found in every cell in the body. And one of the things that we know is that as we get older, the activity of AMPK begins to go down. That is a problem because AMPK works as an energy regulator and through this energy regulation, this enables our bodies to be able to burn fat. So today I want to talk about two different proanthocyanidins berry extracts when combined together can pack a lot of punch, and that is our BlueGranate TxⓇ.† [00:01:28]

[00:01:31] I’m Amanda Williams, MD, MPH. And oftentimes when people think about the power of antioxidants, they think about fruit extracts. And we’ve all heard about all of the many different benefits of pomegranate extract and of course, blueberry extract when it comes to our cardiovascular system, when it comes to our neurological system. But I wanted to zero in on AMPK because many times people aren’t aware that our BlueGranate TxⓇ is a power punch that targets AMPK activity. Now, as I mentioned, as we get older, AMPK begins to go down. So if this level starts to go down, we’re going to have a harder time when it comes to that regulation of glucose, as well as fat metabolism. So how do we bring that back to life? How do we regenerate that? We can utilize nutrients such as pomegranate, as well as blueberry extract. [00:02:25]


[00:02:26] Now, many people have concerns about trying to target belly fat and belly fat, we know is directly linked to problems such as heart disease, type two diabetes. We can certainly look at insulin resistance as being a driving factor for lowering AMPK activity. So the more insulin resistance you have, the less likely it is that you can actually burn away that belly fat and now we have more of that excess fat that’s being stored, which is incredibly problematic. So we know that when it comes to cellular aging, that decrease in activity of AMPK certainly is problematic. And we want to be able to stop that because with cellular stressors, oxidative stress, free radicals, things along that line, this is going to impair the proper functionality of AMPK.† [00:03:16]

[00:03:17] So let’s talk a little bit about the science behind blueberry extract and pomegranate extract when it comes to AMPK activation. So in the Redox Biology Journal, they went into the impact or the effect of blueberry anthocyanidins, that’s the actual powerful antioxidants that are derived from that blueberry, and how this can work to activate AMPK. So in this study, the way that they were able to decipher out the, how that blueberry was working was through a series of different markers, so measuring things such as glucose, looking at lipid metabolism, looking at AMPK activity when it came to blood and urine glucose levels, as well as triglyceride levels, and they were able to to see how the anthocyanidins contained within the blueberry extract actually help to lower blood sugar. At the same time, lowered cholesterol levels. So in turn, what they recognized was through this action of AMPK activation. So not to get too heavy into the science on this, but one of the things that we know with the anthocyanidins that are contained within the blueberry extract is it does many different things when it comes to fatty acid synthesis, when it comes to lipolysis, lipid genesis. And we know much of this is driven through that activation of AMPK. And, you know, same thing when we think about the glucose metabolism. So the more that we can have these proanthocyanidins coming from the blueberry extract, the more the body can better manage any of these disruptions in any of these systems, which is always key. There’s a reason why we come naturally equipped with AMPK and, you know, through daily stressors, this level starts to diminish.† [00:05:13]

[00:05:14] Now we see the same type of studies done with pomegranate and AMPK activation, and it’s generally done in that setting of weight loss so that many of the studies with pomegranate extract have shown that through the power of the anthocyanidins derived from the pomegranate, we can induce this activation of AMPK. So AMPK is an activated protein kinase, and it really is so critical when it comes to the way that our body goes through both lipogenesis and lipolysis, so the creation of fat cells in the breaking down of fat cells. So with inadequate amounts of AMPK, the body can no longer break down fat properly. So this is why they’ve looked at these active constituents contained within both blueberry and pomegranate. And they said, “Wow, this is really very beneficial.”.† [00:06:14]

[00:06:15] And you can look at the nutritional facts on, you know, pomegranate and why utilizing the extracted form… you can see all of the the powerful ellagic acid that’s contained within that vitamin C, vitamin K, you’re getting choline. So obviously beneficial for brain health, liver health, natural, naturally-occurring magnesium, selenium, all of these different nutrients that are contained within pomegranate. And certainly when it comes to the scientific studies done on pomegranate, we can see across the spectrum from cardiovascular support to our joints for easing inflammation because we certainly know that oxidative stress can drive up a significant amount of damage within the joint spaces themselves. And then, of course, when you look at just metabolic health in general. And then when we’re looking at the anthocyanidins coming from the blueberry extract, we can see the optimal benefit that comes with the vascular support to the brain. And they’ve actually done MRI imaging where they can show how areas of the brain can become activated just through the utilization of blueberry extract, which is wonderful when we think about cognition, when we think about concentration.† [00:07:32]


[00:07:33] So through using this BlueGranate TxⓇ, you are getting all of those antioxidants that can help to stave off any of the damaging effects from oxidative stress and free radicals that we’re exposed to, or that are even generated from our own body. And at the same time, we’re helping facilitate the activation of all of these different pathways that can help to enhance the way that our bodies and our cells function each and every single day. So I definitely encourage you to check it out. Maybe you do have those concerns about that excess belly fat and maybe turning to something like the BlueGranate TxⓇ may be a good option for you. So put down that soda and pick up a bottle of the BlueGranate TxⓇ and see how wonderful that combination of blueberry and pomegranate is for your overall health and wellness.† [00:08:26]

[00:08:27] So that’s all that I have for you for today. I want to thank you so much for tuning in to the InViteⓇ Health Podcast. Remember, you can find all of our episodes for free wherever you listen to podcasts or by visiting Now do make sure that you subscribe and you leave us a review. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @invitehealth and we will see you next time for another episode of the InViteⓇ Health Podcast.† [00:08:27]

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