New Study: Brain Function Decreases After Age 24

New Study: Brain Function Decreases After Age 24
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A recent study by a Canadian research group has found that our brain function reaches its peak at the surprisingly early age of 24. After that, it falls into a steady decline. This means that our ability to retain and process information changes, and will continue to change, as time goes by. The researchers from Simon Fraser University in Canada claim that age 24 is, in fact, the age when cognitive motor performance begins to decrease.

Power Memory and Brain Health: Mitochondria Nutrients by Jerry Hickey, R.Ph

What’s more, the video game used in the study offered some unique insight as to how the brain actually works. StarCraft 2’ progresses in real time against other live players, demanding excellent cognitive ability, reaction time, focus and mental strategy. This gives a major advantage to players who can act and make decisions more quickly than others. The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One on April 9th, analyzed the amount of time it took players to react to new stimuli on the screen. Researchers found that the first sign of a decline in volunteers’ reaction time started at age 24. Though scientists aren’t exactly sure why the brain’s function declines with age, neurologist Geoffrey A. Kerchner of the Stanford University School of Medicine, says it may be the result of a multitude of risk factors, genetics, and the effects of overall wear-and-tear on the brain. However, it also may be repairable with some minor lifestyle changes. There are certain “brain exercises” to help keep the wheels turning right.

A Healthy Brain with Nutrients & Vitamins

As we age, there is a decrease in the size of the frontal lobe, which is accompanied by a reduction in proper blood flow throughout this region. What’s more, the level of certain important neurotransmitters in the brain begins to decline throughout the aging process. The energy-producing structures in the brain cells become older and more weathered due to over use over the years. This results in lower brain functions and decreased cognitive abilities, which may get in the way of everyday routine as well as your overall health and well-being.

With a proper cocktail of nutrients that address the health of these tiny power plants you can support a healthy brain and restore mental energy. You will most likely notice an improvement in focus, attention span, creativity, energy, mood, memory function and learning skills. This is especially true if you eat the right foods in addition to taking the correct supplements – your brain’s energy production and healing process are both likely to improve significantly, leading to improvement in brain metabolism as well.

The nutrients ALCAR, ALA, and Ubiquinol are true mitochondrial nutrients that are known to restore function to brain cells by improving energy production and metabolism. DHA is a fat derived from fish that helps protect, restore, and improve the health and functionality of the brain. Foods very high in antioxidant value such as blueberries, spinach and Spirulina also help by improving the rate of healing in the brain. These nutrients and foods are known to restore the level of growth factors that heal the space between nerve cells. Healing these synaptic regions is very important for restoring all manners of brain function. By improving energy production and metabolism, you may truly reverse aging in the brain to a degree – this is, of course, superior to simply slowing down the aging process.

Turn the Clock Back on your Aging Brain by Jerry Hickey, R.Ph.

Why is it that yesterday you were so energetic and today you are not? In fact the frequency of experiencing spurts of high energy is decreasing in number as you age. Although mood and mental health have an impact on your energy, the cause is actually a little bit deeper occurring at the level of our cell. CONTINUE READING >>

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