Circulation Support with Veins Hx!

Circulation Support with Veins Hx!

The Wonders of Veins Hx!

Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND


For our product spotlight I wanted to pick one of my favorites for circulation. This formula is called Veins Hx! Veins Hx is a formula made of a combination of vitamins and extracts that studies have found to be helpful for circulation. In this blog I will be reviewing each of the 6 components that make up Veins Hx. To start with what exactly is in Veins Hx? Veins Hx contains Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail Rush Silica, Gotu Kola and Bilberry!

Let’s start with Vitamin C! What does Vitamin C do for our circulation? To start with studies have found Vitamin C may help to slow down the buildup of atherosclerosis. This is important as it is a risk factor for poor circulation and also high blood pressure among other heart disorders.  Additionally, other studies have found that Vitamin C can help keep our arteries flexible which is important for our blood pressure.  Vitamin C also appears to help protect our arteries against damage. One way it appears to do this is via its anti-inflammatory properties that decrease inflammation. (1) Vitamin C has also been found to boost nitric oxide which leads to vasodilation or the “opening up” of the blood vessels. This allows the blood to flow easier through the vessels. (2)  Of course Vitamin C is great for many things, but let’s concentrate on our circulation for now.

The next item is called Citrus Bioflavonoids. What is a Citrus Bioflavonoid? Plants have compounds called flavonoids. These are basically very powerful antioxidants. Bioflavonoids are flavonoids that do something helpful in our body. Citrus Bioflavonoids come from citrus foods and have specific benefits to our health. (3) Bioflavonoids are important for circulation because in studies they help to strengthen blood vessel walls. (4)  Additionally studies have found that they help with atherosclerosis which is important for good circulation. Bioflavonoids are also helpful for helping with other risk factors for heart disease such as blood sugar, cholesterol and are anti- inflammatory! (5)

Next in the Veins Hx is Horse Chestnut. Horse Chestnuts are a very well-known therapy for poor circulation. Studies show that there is an improvement in circulation and in associated leg pain. In fact some studies have found that Horse Chestnut is as effective as treatment with compression socks! (6) Studies have also found that Horse Chestnut helps with chronic venous insufficiency, which is a type of poor circulation.  Horse Chestnut has been found to help with signs of poor circulation such as leg pain, leg fatigue and even the rash associated with chronic venous insufficiency. Lastly studies have also shown that Horse Chestnut is anti-inflammatory, which is always good for circulation and overall health. (7)

Horsetail Rush Silica contrary to what you may be thinking does not actually come from a horse. It comes from the leaves of the horsetail plant and is rich in silica. Recent studies have found that silica can help with heart disease and circulation by decreasing atherosclerosis. (8)Studies have also recently found that silica can help with lowering our cholesterol which is a risk factor for so many different heart disorders. Lastly studies have found that silica can help form collagen which is a building block of skin, cartilage, blood, connective tissues and even our muscles and ligaments all of which make up our heart and circulatory system. (9)

Gotu Kola may have you squinting for a moment since most people associate it with brain and memory. But think for a moment – why is associated with brain and memory? Because it helps with circulation! Studies have found that in poor circulation those who took Gotu Kola had less symptoms than those that did not. Studies have also shown gotu kola to increase overall circulation and blood flow. (10)

Lastly we have Bilberry extract. Bilberry has some amazing benefits for our health. According to studies bilberry can help with cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and even reduce the risk of blood clots! Additionally, Bilberry can also help with our blood pressure. Bilberry has also been found to help circulation in our legs. And of course we can’t forget the other benefits of Bilberry including our eye health, liver health and even our overall digestive health! (11)

Overall, Veins Hx is a complex formula that is full of amazing nutrients that are amazing not just for circulation, but our overall health!


Our next blog will be about a topic that is so common I talk about it probably every day! Cholesterol and what it means.





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