Chromium: An Essential Element for Health – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 444

Chromium: An Essential Element for Health – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 444


InViteⓇ Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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When we think of the human body, we know that we are composed of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and friendly bacteria that help make up the human body. It is through those nutrients that we maintain certain signaling pathways that are used for different enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters being released. But there is one particular element in the body that oftentimes is very misunderstood. Sometimes people will hear about the dangers of chromium. I want to highlight what chromium is, why there is that misinformation when it comes to this element, and why taking this nutrient as a supplement would be beneficial to optimize your overall health and wellness.†

The confusion about chromium

When we look at chromium, this is a trace element or mineral that comes in two different forms. We have the trivalent form and the hexavalent form. When we take something into our body that is not the proper structural form, the body can go haywire. This is what we see in the hexavalent form of chromium. This is the form that is used in the automobile industry and it can be toxic if you inhale it.†


When we are taking chromium as a dietary supplement, this is always in the trivalent form. Trivalent chromium is an essential micronutrient. When we look at what this element is actually doing in the human body, most of its abilities comes into play when we look at its role in glucose and fat metabolism.† 

Supporting healthy blood sugar

When we’re supplementing with chromium, this can have an effect in terms of helping to support healthy blood glucose or blood sugar levels. When people have elevated blood sugar and they take chromium, oftentimes we see this really nice balance that is produced. It helps to push that high glucose level down. This can also create a dual effect by helping to support fat metabolism. This is why many people have looked at chromium as a wonderful supplement for working out and losing weight.† 


When it comes to dietary exposure to this mineral, oftentimes we are not yielding enough. Potential chromium deficiencies can occur because of that lack of dietary exposure. Certain foods such as mushrooms have a trace amount of this element, but that’s only if they’re grown in soil that contains a high amount of chromium.† 

Researchers have found that when you partner this mineral with magnesium, this is that one-two punch for helping to support healthy blood glucose response. They found that when they gave this combination to people who had insulin resistance, they started to see a significant lowering of their fasting blood glucose and fasting insulin levels, as well as improvements in markers for insulin resistance.† 

In this episode, Amanda Williams, MPH discusses the important element chromium. She addresses misconceptions about this nutrient and also examines why it is so important for supportive overall wellness.†

Key Topics:

  • The science behind chromium
  • How much of this nutrient should you be taking?

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