Combating Stress-Induced Loss of Focus and Attention – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 212

Combating Stress-Induced Loss of Focus and Attention – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 212


Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH.

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Staying focused has never seemed more important than it does right now. With so many people whose normal routine has perhaps been changed due to the pandemic and maybe you’re working from home now, maybe you’re doing school from home, trying to pay attention in a different environment can be difficult. Losing focus is much more common. You’re out of your normal routine, and this can have an impact in terms of the way that our brain is reacting and responding to that. 

We know that there can be higher levels of stress that certainly can create issues with focus. We also understand that, because of this time, for many people, it’s easy to get distracted. Sometimes we’re concerned about family members, coworkers, and close friends who are struggling. There’s a lot of different reasons as to why people are trying to manage their mind space during this period. I want to talk about some nutrients that you can be incorporating into your daily routine that can be beneficial for optimizing our attention and our focus and just overall comprehensive for genuine brain-supporting power.  

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What can we be doing about brain stress?

Sometimes, we take for granted all of the things that we put on our brains every single day and the workload that we expect our brains to carry for us. During this time, sometimes you’re not eating properly. Maybe you’re not sleeping as much as you should be. You’re focused on other things, so this is one reason as to why I like to make sure that we pay attention to the nutrients and we incorporate them into our daily routine to really optimize the way that our brain is responding and reacting to periods of stress.†

We can look at Omega-3 fatty acids, for example. We know that the brain is predominately made up of these fats, and we know that dietary intake of Omega-3s is certainly not what it should be, so we definitely want to make sure that we have Omega-3s on board. Whether we’re sourcing them from fish oil, krill oil, or flaxseed, however you need to incorporate your Omega-3s, make sure that you are getting those on board.†

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But we don’t want to forget about other fats. We want to think about nutrients like Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidylcholine. Both of these are so incredibly important when it comes to the health of our brain. We know that dietary shortages of these two key nutrients can play a role in terms of our functional capabilities and our cognitive capabilities. If we can incorporate these into our supplementation routine, this can really help to support memory and cognitive performance.† 

To hear more about Amanda’s recommendations for brain-supporting supplements, tune into the full podcast episode.

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