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PINK EYE~ IT’S NOT JUST A CHILDHOOD INFECTION By: Allie Might, FMC, INHC, ATT   Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is often associated with childhood infections, as we have all probably had a classmate or even ourselves that contracted this during our school years. However, it’s 

Invite Health Gummies

Invite Health Gummies

Invite Health Gummies Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND   I wanted to take the time to talk about the new products Invite has recently released. You may have noticed something about them!  They are in a gummy form. Now I know what you’re thinking – But 




By: Allie Might, FMC, INHC, ATT


Shilajit, pronounced she-lah-jeet, is one of the most versatile nutraceuticals available. However, it is not commonly discussed and is beginning to gain traction within the wellness community. But just what is it? Let’s discuss this further and learn how it may be beneficial to you to add to your current wellness regimen.

Shilajit come from the Himalayans and has been a staple in Ayurveda Medicine for centuries. As certain plants go through the decomposition process with microorganisms (living things only seen under a microscope), it creates a powerhouse nutraceutical known as shilajit…talk about a “circle of life”. It is believed to be a safe nutraceutical for most people to use. The article ‘Shilajit: A Natural Phytocomplex with Potential Precognitive Activity’ from The National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information, shilajit is a highly absorbable antioxidant making it ideal for promoting healthy cells and anti-aging.

Given the benefits of such a super antioxidant, Shilajit can be helpful for so many other areas of wellness. Men, particularly those over the age of 45, who are looking to increase DHEA, testosterone and/or free testosterone may want to consider shilajit, as it has been shown in studies to raise these levels when compared to those given a placebo. The abstract ‘Clinical evaluation of spermatogenic activity of processed Shilajit in oligospermia, has shown that shilajit has also been effective in studies when looking at male fertility. It was shown effective in increasing sperm count as well as sperm mobility, thereby increasing fertility.

Shilajit has been studied for its antiviral properties. It has shown to be helpful as an anti-inflammatory, for brain health and to support a healthy immune system. It’s been particularly effective when studied for such viruses as herpes simplex 1 and 2 and human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This is showing excellent signs of being a go-to immunity booster to aid in fighting certain types of viruses.

Brain health is a big concern for so many people. Shilajit has been shown to be a safe and effective for supporting healthy brain function. It has traditionally been used for enhance cognitive function and memory, including lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by slowing the aging of the brain cells. It can also be effective for those with epilepsy and reducing anorexia. While more clinical trials are being done to further prove these uses, the preliminary studies show a lot of promise.

Heart disease is one of the leading health issue affect us today. Shilajit has been considered to be helpful in reducing triglycerides and cholesterol levels when compared to using a placebo. Thus, helping to lower risk of heart attack and stroke. It has also shown effective in relieving some of the symptoms for those suffering from heart palpitations and abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmias. This has the potential to be a game changer for those with a history of heart disease.

So what makes shilajit so effective for such a wide variety of health and wellness issues? It is the fulvic acid that makes up a large part of shilajit. The fulvic acid comes from matter like soil, water sources and even peat. It forms in these types of natural matter when many types of plants breakdown and go through the natural process of decomposition, leaving fulvic acid. As you can see by the chart below, the list of benefits of shilajit, its minerals and furvic acid.

Components of Shilajit (67)

Fig. 1 Components of Shilajit (67)


As you can see, Shilajit can be helpful for a wide variety of health and wellness issues. As always, speak to one of our qualified nutritionists to find out the best way to incorporate this into your daily routine. I encourage you to try this versatile nutraceutical and let us know how you like this new addition to our amazing product line.









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HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS~ WHAT EXACTLY IS HPV? By: Allie Might, FMC, INHC, ATT   Human Papillomavirus, or HPV as it’s commonly referred to as, has been discussed quite often lately. However, do we really know what it is and how it’s spread? Having a good understanding 

Summary on Respiratory Health

Summary on Respiratory Health

Summary on Respiratory Health Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND   I hope that this blog series on respiratory health has been both fun and informative! I have tried to review some of the most common respiratory concerns that come up here at Invite health. Additionally I 

Understanding Probiotics

Understanding Probiotics

Understanding Probiotics

Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND


If there’s one topic that is sure to confuse people it’s the topic of probiotics. Invite health has a powerful line up of probiotics. But how are they different? How do you know which one is right for you? For this blog I will be reviewing 3 of the most popular Invite Health probiotics. These are the Probiotic Hx, Probiotic Weight and Probiotic Women.

Probiotic Hx is a well-rounded every day probiotic. In my experience taking the Probiotic Hx is like taking a good multivitamin, it’s good for our overall health. But what does that really mean? Well to start probiotics can help restore the balance of good bacteria in our gut. (1) Sometimes due to situations such as illness, certain medications and even stress bad bacteria and even yeast can begin to grow in our digestive system. They can begin to outnumber the good guys and this can result in digestive concerns, allergies, and even contribute to obesity. (2) A good probiotic can also help with diarrhea. (3) One bacteria that is well known for causing diarrhea is C Diff and in studies probiotics have been found to reduce the risk of C Diff by 60%. (4) Studies have also found that probiotics can decrease the risk of travelers’ diarrhea. (5)  In addition to helping with diarrhea a good probiotic has been found to help with Ulcerative colitis (6) and even IBS. (7) Probiotics do more than just help our gut. Studies have found that they can help with general health, depression, anxiety and even stress. (8) Probiotics have also been found in studies to help with inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein. (9) Certain probiotics can even breakdown bile helping with our cholesterol levels. (10)  As you can see a good everyday probiotic is great for so many things. But what if you have a specific health concern? Well that is where the Probiotic Weight and Probiotic for Women come into play. They take all the benefits of a regular probiotic and have added nutrients for specific health concerns.  They are easy to take in addition to our daily probiotic.

Probiotic Weight contains a particular strain of probiotic that was found to lower weight and BMI after just 12 weeks of use. Additionally both waist and hip circumference were reduced after the 12 weeks of use. (11) Bergamot has been found in studies to help with visceral adipose tissue. (12) It has also been found to reduce liver fat content in those with liver steatosis. (13) Artichoke has been found to help with dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and obesity. (14)  I do want to point out that the Probiotic Weight is a powerful formula. To avoid stomach distress I recommend taking it with a full meal. While research shows these herbs can be helpful in general people can have different reactions to herbs so it is important to monitor how you feel when you start a new herbal supplement.

Probiotic Women is a combination of garlic, thyme and a probiotic blend. Garlic has been found to be antimicrobial. (15) Thyme has also been found to be antimicrobial. (16) Lastly probiotics have been found to help with a UTI. (17)

But how does one choose? And how does this entire blog relate to immune health? Well when it comes to immune health a good overall probiotic such as Probiotic Hx is always a win. In fact probiotics have been found to help with an upper respiratory infection! (18)That is why for those looking for general immune health and for overall a good daily probiotic I recommend the Probiotic Hx. For those looking for additional help with weight or women’s health they can take Probiotic Hx and then add on the specific probiotic that will help with the specific concern they are experiencing. For more information or help choosing what is right for you please reach out to an Invite nutritionist!

As we approach the end of this topic I hope it has been helpful and somewhat fun! Our next topic will be Pneumonia.


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