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  By: Allie Might, FMC, INHC, ATT For further questions or concerns email me at amight@invitehealth.com We’ve been talking a lot about stress and how it can affect our well-being. No conversation about stress management would be complete without understanding anxiety and depression. Let’s take a 

Supplements to Aid Anxiety, Part 2. Invite Health Podcast, Episode 599

Supplements to Aid Anxiety, Part 2. Invite Health Podcast, Episode 599

  Subscribe Today!   Please see below for a complete transcript of this episode. Supplements to Aid Anxiety, Part 2, Invite Health Podcast Hosted by Jerry Hickey, Ph. InViteⓇ Health Podcast Intro: [00:00:04] Welcome to the InVite Health podcast, where our degreed health care professionals 

Nutrients to Aid Anxiety, Part 1 – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 598

Nutrients to Aid Anxiety, Part 1 – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 598


Invite Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Jerry Hickey, Ph.

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In the past year, anxiety has been rampant, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, political issues and more. Anxiety is an apprehensive uneasiness or a fear of a future event. People with clinical anxiety disorders frequently have intense and persistent worry. They fear about everyday situations, including leaving the house, crossing a bridge, walking near water or whatever else it might be. This fear can reach a peak within minutes and that’s called a panic attack. Anxiety and panic interfere with everyday activities, including one’s job, relationships and quality of life. These clinical diagnoses are given when the fear is unproportionate with the danger and lasts a long time.†   

Plant-based support for anxiety

There are natural helpers that can help people with anxieties and fears. Rhodiola rosea, often called viking ginseng, is an herb that has been studied for its impacts on anxiety, stress and other mood symptoms. One study done at the University of Surrey in England reported that mildly anxious people taking rhodiola twice a day for two weeks experienced a big improvement in their anxiety and symptoms of stress.† 


 L-Theanine is an amino acid that comes out of the tea plant and can be soothing. Many human clinical trials have shown that this nutrient can have a calming, soothing effect without putting you to sleep. It can actually help you focus. It helps to remove some of the noisiness in the brain.†

How fish oils impact brain health and mood

Studies have also shown that fish oils may help to impact mood. They are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and have been shown to fend off inflammation in the brain, which can help to improve symptoms of depression. In America, people get more omega-6 fatty acids, which may actually increase inflammation in the brain. This overload of omega-6s and lack of omega-3s can lead to problems with the brain like depression, anxiety and stress, as well as problems with the immune system and other parts of the body.† 


In this episode, Jerry Hickey, Ph. explains what anxiety is, as well as the symptoms that are frequently associated with it. He also discusses various nutrients that have been studied for their ability to help with symptoms of stress and anxiety. Hear more of what Jerry has to say in Part 2 of this podcast, coming soon!†

Key Topics:

  • Details about anxiety disorders
  • Common symptoms associated with anxiety and panic
  • The history of rhodiola rosea
  • Recommendations on taking L-Theanine for stress and sleep
  • The difference between various fatty acids
  • Why fish oils are so important for the body

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Thyroid Health In Relationship To Women’s Health

Thyroid Health In Relationship To Women’s Health

women’s health

Written by Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND

For further questions or concerns email me at carcidiacono@invitehealth.com

Can the thyroid affect women’s health, read more to find out if the thyroid has an impact on women’s health. †

How does the thyroid affect women’s health?

Thyroid health absolutely effects women’s health! In general women are more likely to be diagnosed with thyroid issues. 1 in 8 women will be affected by thyroid disorders. This means we can’t have a series about thyroid without talking about how it specifically affects women. While it is important to address the underlying thyroid issue, certain supplements have been found in studies to support female health.†

Recommended Supplements, Vitamins, & Herbs

Menstruation can be affected by thyroid health in different ways. Thyroid dysfunction can delay or speed up both puberty and menopause. It can also cause menstrual cycles to become irregular, or even stop all together. Thyroid dysfunction can also cause the cycles to become heavier or lighter than normal. Studies show, ovulation can be inhibited by thyroid disorders leading to problems with fertility. (1) Supplements that have been found to help with women’s health can include DIM (2) and Calcium-D-Glucarate † (3)

Check out InViteⓇ  Health supplements Indole 3 Carbinol with DIM, Colon HxⓇ . †

Every woman knows that post menopause, bone health is a very real concern. This is because any changes in thyroid hormones can affect the balance of bone dissolution and replacement; because thyroid hormones control bone metabolism. Studies show that in people with hypothyroidism, bone formation is slowed by up to 50%! Hyperthyroidism can cause rapid bone loss and a decrease in the quality of any new bone that is formed. (4) They go on to show that Levothyroxine in post-menopausal women with hypothyroidism have a decrease in bone density. (5) What does this mean? Due to the fact that the thyroid controls the balance of bone production and absorption, it is important for post-menopausal women to be proactive with their bone health. Studies show certain nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, K and collagen are important to increase bone density.† (6)

Check out InViteⓇ  Health bone health category you can find the nutrients from the study I previously mentioned, and other products like Bone Powder, Calplex HxⓇ  and strontium! The best way to determine what’s right for you is by working with a nutritionist. †

Having too much or too little thyroid hormone can cause hair loss. T3/T4 affect hair development. Unlike other causes of hair loss, thyroid disorders cause hair loss all over the scalp rather than in discrete areas. It is important to note, people with a thyroid disorder due to auto immune issues, are often prone to other autoimmune disorders such as Alopecia aerate. However, in the case of Alopecia, the hair loss that results is discrete and often circular areas of hair. (7) This is important because postmenopausal women tend to have hair loss. Because estrogen and progesterone is decreased, it leads to an increase in androgens. This causes hair to grow slowly and the hair follicles to shrink; causing the existing hair to fall out. (8) Working with the underlying thyroid condition can help the hair loss long term. Studies show green tea can help improve hair growth and hair follicle health. † (9)

Collagen is one of the building blocks for so many parts of us that there are no studies showing that it helps build hair! (10) Topically, Apple Cider Vinegar, has been found to help stimulate hair growth. (11)

See InViteⓇ  Health supplements Collagen HxⓇ ,  Dr. Pressman Collagex HA, Collagen 3000 tablets, and our Green Tea Tx™ or the Green Tea HxⓇ . We also have a fantastic line of hair care products     including Hair and stimulant treatment, which contains Apple cider vinegar.†

Other concerns for women include mood swings and depression. It is well documented that menopausal women experience depression and anxiety. Thyroid disorders often have symptoms of depression and anxiety as well. (12) What does that mean? As women, we are already more likely to develop depression and anxiety. For someone with a thyroid condition, this increases the risk. Please speak to an InViteⓇ  nutritionist to create a protocol to help with these issues.†

As I previously mentioned, it is important to work with the underlying thyroid issue. The suggested supplements can support thyroid health. Next week is our last blog on thyroid! I will be talking about how thyroid issues affect weight. †



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