Which Vitamins and Nutrients are Best for Your Aging Body

Which Vitamins and Nutrients are Best for Your Aging Body

Written by Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND

claire2As we age, the need to keep up with the constant changes in our bodies can prove to be difficult. The aging process gives way to deficiencies as our bodies become less able to process many vitamins and nutrients. For this reason, it is important to reevaluate your needs as you age. The following five supplements are what myself and numerous studies suggest for older men and women, as factors like memory, bone and joint health and maintenance, and heart health begin to take on a greater significance.

Multi Vitamins

Multi Vitamins are the basis for nutrition and are formulated to address the basic micronutrient requirements of your body through daily nutrition intake. They supply the array of B Vitamins, which is important to support good immune health, nerve function, energy production, red blood cell production and brain health. A multivitamin contains trace minerals that are also important as they offer support for recovery from illness and for thyroid function. Vitamin C and vitamin A, or natural beta carotene, in a multi vitamin may further help with immune health and in fighting off colds and other illnesses that arise during the colder months, as this combination can be very beneficial for energy; together they support the adrenal glands which are the glands that respond to stress. Vitamin D in a multi vitamin has been studied and found to be a great advocate for bone health, immune function and thyroid health, as well. A multivitamin contains zinc which helps with taste, smell and wound healing. Zinc also boosts the immune system by helping to reduce inflammation, help prevent inflammation and more. There is a very large percentage of older adults that have a zinc deficiency. This deficiency can lead to an imbalance of copper. With some cases, a good multi vitamin contains Coq10 which is important for heart health, muscle function, energy and memory. Overall, a good multi vitamin is an excellent way to supplement a diet as it contains something for almost every system. (1)

Bone Building Formula

A good bone builder is more than just calcium…CONTINUE READING

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