Controlling Candida – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 432

Controlling Candida – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 432


InViteⓇ Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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Did you know that 75% of women are likely to have at least one yeast infection throughout their lifetime? Keep in mind that yeast infections are not just limited to women. Today, I want to talk about a really wonderful formulation called Nutristatin 144 that is extremely targeted towards that pesky overgrowth of candida. Candida is naturally occurring in our bodies, but if we have too much of it, it can start to raise havoc in our bodies. I want to talk about what is contained in this formula and give a bit of a background on yeast infections and candida in general.†

How common are fungal infections?

Let’s talk about fungus. When it comes to fungal infections, Candida albicans is the organism that is responsible for the most fungal infections. Fungal infections can occur in almost any part of the body. Oftentimes, people can get fungal infections on their skin and you’ll see hypopigmentation. This can be exacerbated when the skin is exposed to sun.†

We also know that candida can overgrow in the mouth, which is known as oral thrush. When we look at candida overgrowth in the gut, that can be incredibly problematic because it starts to impact our inflammatory response and our immune system.†   


How to prevent candida overgrowth

Generally speaking, when someone has a fungal infection such as a yeast infection or a fungal infection, they are given a strong anti-fungal medication by their doctor. Sometimes this is incredibly warranted, depending on the severity of the candida overgrowth. But we also have to look at what we can be doing on a regular basis.†

We know that there are dietary modifications that can help fend off candida overgrowth. Limiting sugar consumption is very important. No sugary beverages and no ultra-processed sugary foods. We want to make sure that we are taking in natural sugars coming from fruits and vegetables that provide fiber.† 

Whenever you’re on an antibiotic, it is always advantageous to follow up with probiotics. This helps to lay down good, healthy bacteria in the intestines. That good, healthy bacteria can really help to prevent that fungal overgrowth. We can look at things like resveratrol, which does a wonderful job when it comes to easing inflammation and targeting fungus.†


I want to talk specifically about Nutristatin 144. This contains nutrients that we know have been studied extensively when it comes to targeting fungal overgrowth. It has garlic extract, grape seed extract, peppermint extract and caprylic extract. Caprylic extract is a very powerful way for the body to naturally target candida. Caprylic acid, which comes from coconut, does a wonderful job in poking holes through fungus. The more holes we poke in the fungus, the easier it is for our body to remove it.† 

In this episode, Amanda Williams, MPH discusses candida, a very common fungus that can cause a variety of issues including oral thrush and yeast infections. She discusses different nutrients that can help fend off fungi, especially those included in the Nutristatin 144 formulation.†

Key Topics:

  • Who is more at risk for developing fungal infections
  • Healthy strains of bacteria
  • The many benefits of resveratrol
  • The important constituents in Nutristatin 144

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