Key Nutrients for Going Back to School or Work – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 411

Key Nutrients for Going Back to School or Work – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 411

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InViteⓇ Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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It’s that time of year again. Kids are back to school, which means all of the little viruses will be flaring up. This is always the time of year where kids start to come down with more frequent colds. Of course, we’re still dealing with COVID, so we have to wonder what we should be doing in preparation for going back into school. It’s not just limited to kids. There are many people who have been working remotely who are now returning to the office environments. Oftentimes, people want to know what they should be doing when it comes to supporting their immune system each and every single day. Today, I want to highlight a couple of different options for you when it comes to the supplements you might need for back to school and back to work.† 

The back to school basics

Many parents are concerned about their children’s health as they go back to school. They wonder if they should be taking a multivitamin or Vitamin D? These are really good questions to be asking of yourselves.† 

The straight answer is that yes, this is something you should be doing every day regardless. But, in particular, since we know that we will be having more frequent interactions with people, we can look at taking in different nutrients that can really help to support and bolster up our immune system defenses.†

We can look at something like the Multi Energy Powder, which is a complete multivitamin, multimineral formulation that can easily be incorporated into school-age children’s daily routines, as well as for college students and even everyday people who are off to work. This is because this formulation is packed with all of these powerful antioxidants.†   


Important nutrients for immunity

Taking a multivitamin, multimineral supplement is just one step in supporting the immune system. We also want to consider laying down good healthy bacteria because it is the microbiome that really helps to enhance the proper absorption of the vitamins and minerals we are taking in from supplementation and food. Something like Probiotic HxⓇ is helpful for this.† 

We also need to ensure that our gut cells have rapid turnover. We want to make sure that we’re enhancing this. One way that we can really target this is through the inside of the cell. This is going to be through the genetic material, which some might call the “motherboard.” We’re going to include Nucleotide Complex into our back to school, back to work routine.† 


These supplements together pack a powerful punch for the immune system.†

In this episode, Amanda Williams, MPH discusses the important nutrients needed to help protect children as they go back to school, as well as professionals returning to the workplace. She focuses on the relationship between microbiome health and immune function and discusses how these nutrients work together within the body.†

Key Topics:

  • Recommendations on how to take supplements for different age groups
  • How nucleotides work in the body

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