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Are You Looking For Weight Loss Tips & Tricks? – InVite Health Podcast Episode 548

Are You Looking For Weight Loss Tips & Tricks? – InVite Health Podcast Episode 548

Looking for ways to shed a couple of pounds? Look no further with tips and tricks to weight loss with Allie Might, INHC.

Exercise-Enhancing Nutrients – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 438

Exercise-Enhancing Nutrients – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 438

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What to Do When your Superfood and Protein Shakes Become Boring

What to Do When your Superfood and Protein Shakes Become Boring

Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash

Making the same protein shake every morning or before your workout can get boring pretty fast. Shake up your routine by adding superfood powers like Cocoa Hx®, Greens Hx® and Collagen Hx® and InVite®’s Whey Protein Powders into these different recipes for new, delicious and nutritious treats! Your taste buds will thank us later.

Cocoa Hx®

InVite®’s cocoa powder, Cocoa Hx®, contains all of the nutritional components that occur naturally in pure dark chocolate, without the saturated fat, sugar and calories. It is non-GMO and made following strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). This powder is is high-quality and minimally processed, without “dutching” (a process that modifies cocoa’s natural characteristics). It contains no added milk, fats, nor sugar (all of which decrease the health benefits of cocoa, add calories and saturated fat) and is a fruit and vegetable ORAC blend, which added to support antioxidant activity. It also includes powdered kiwi fruit and freeze-dried black raspberry fruit, to support respiratory and digestive tract health.†

Ditch the blender or protein shaker and add a scoop of Cocoa Hx® to hot chocolate or your favorite brownie and granola recipes. You can even sprinkle it over yogurt or parfaits to still reap its benefits.

Greens Hx®

Greens Hx® contains freeze-dried plant extracts naturally preserved from 39 herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, and algae plus six strains of probiotic bacteria and an assortment of plant enzymes for supporting health, wellness, and metabolism. Plant foods help improve the quality of the diet of individuals who do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. Greens Hx® is non-GMO and made following strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).†

Instead of using this powder in a shake, you could add a scoop to your pancake batter, mix into soups and stir it into salad dressings for added benefits.

Collagen Hx®

InVite®’s Collagen Hx® is a powerful blend of two types of Collagen – Type I and Type II. InVite®’s effective hydrolyzed collagen powder supplement is highly beneficial to support healthy joints and muscles, as well as for the hair, skin and nails.†

Seventy percent of our skin is made of Collagen. However, the body’s natural supply of Collagen begins to decline at about age 25, causing wrinkles and other skin health issues. Collagen production decreases at a rate of about 1.5% per year; that means by age 60, you’ve lost about half of your natural collagen supply! InVite®’s Collagen powder formula helps restore the body’s Collagen supply.†

InVite®’s unique Collagen powder supplement provides additional ingredients to support Collagen’s role in the body, including Silica from Horsetail Rush Stem Extract and Boswellia Extract, that combines with Collagen and Vitamin D in the body to create the organic matrix of the bone, which calcium attaches to for bone strengthening. Silica also combines with Collagen to create hair, skin, nails, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Boswellia helps with occasional aches and pains by mediating the normal inflammatory process.†

Add a scoop of Collagen powder to coffee and other baking recipes like brownies cookies and muffins. You can also add a scoop to gravy, soup, and bone broth.

Whey Protein Powder

The average adult needs 48-60 grams of protein per day from a variety of food and/or supplement sources. The elderly, athletes, and those who are very active may have a more difficult time keeping up with these nutritional demands.†

InVite®’s Whey Protein Powder provides a helpful blend of essential proteins derived from Whey, a liquid substance that is a natural byproduct of cheese production. Whey Protein Powder in the Isolate form is specifically processed to remove the fat and lactose. The amino acids are separated from other parts of the dairy source so only the protein building-blocks are left. Therefore, this product may be better tolerated by many people who are otherwise sensitive to dairy. InVite®’s non-GMO Whey Protein Powder is hydrolyzed (or “pre-digested”) for optimal absorption so your body can quickly reap the great health benefits it offers. This formula helps build lean body mass and helps restore muscle proteins must be repaired constantly due to daily wear-and-tear from vigorous workouts, such as in the case of elite athletes.†

Add a scoop of protein powder into oatmeal or your favorite cookie, pancake and granola recipes!

How do you utilize superfoods in your favorite protein shakes? Leave us a comment to share your favorite ideas and recipes!


High-Protein Granola Bar Recipe with InVite® Whey Protein Powder

High-Protein Granola Bar Recipe with InVite® Whey Protein Powder

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