Green Tea and Diabetes – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 399

Green Tea and Diabetes – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 399


InViteⓇ Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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One of the most well-known beverages in the world also comes with multiple health benefits and I’m certainly not talking about drinking soda. I am talking about drinking tea. We know that different teas have been widely consumed throughout the world and we’ve all heard about the many different health benefits that go along with consuming tea. Today I want to talk about green tea and the powerful polyphenols contained within and how that can be beneficial when we think about diabetes.†

Research on green tea and diabetes

I want to talk about a study that came out about a year ago in the British Medical Journal. The researchers were looking at the consumption of both green tea and black tea, as well as coffee. They found that the amount of tea that people were drinking had a direct association in overall lowered risk of all-cause mortality.†


We know that people who have Type 2 diabetes are more prone to circulatory diseases, different cancers, fractures, kidney disease, dementia and other health issues. Despite the fact that there are all of these different medications out there that target blood glucose, we also know that there has to be some lifestyle modifications and we also have to look at the diet.†

In this study, they found that those who consumed high amounts of green tea, black tea and coffee did much better than those who were drinking sugary beverages like soft drinks and juices. The researchers tracked close to 5000 men and women who had Type 2 diabetes over the course of five years. The subjects filled out food intake questionnaires. Through doing this data pooling, the researchers were able to determine that those who consumed the highest amount of tea per day, about four cups, had a significantly lowered risk of all-cause mortality.†  

Can green tea help with inflammation?

One of the main problems in diabetes is the elevation of oxidative stress and heightened levels of inflammation. We know that green tea extract has been shown to have positive impacts on blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels, total antioxidant status and inflammation markers.† 


All of these things are important because we know there are many complications that go along with diabetes. The management of diabetes is still inadequate. We have some really great green tea formulations that can help support the body. Our Green Tea HxⓇ is a capsule that combines both green tea and black tea and then we have our Green Tea TxⓇ, which is a great way to get a powerful amount of powerful catechins like EGCG into your daily routine.†

In this episode, Amanda Williams, MPH details various studies looking at the complex relationship between green tea consumption and diabetes. She discusses how green tea may help to fight inflammation and support insulin sensitivity and also provides information on green tea supplements.† 

Key Topics:

  • The many benefits of green tea
  • How green tea works in the body
  • Studies on green tea extract and diabetes
  • Different inflammation markers in the body

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